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Gold on Paper


Natural diamonds VS laboratory diamonds

Humans have always tried to imitate what nature has created. Surely it is because of our desire to create, innovate, improve and express ourselves. However, also because the Earth's resources...

The true value of diamonds

Botswana is a country in southern Africa, a landlocked country dominated by the stunning Kalahari Desert, which covers 70% of the territory. In colonial times, in the 19th century, it...

Símbols sense fronteres

Viure a més de 2000 km de casa no ha de ser fàcil perquè s’han de deixar moltes coses enrere. Segur que molts dels qui esteu llegint aquestes línies coneixeu...

El valor d’una joia

Què simbolitza una joia per a tu?    La joieria forma part de les nostres vides des de sempre. Perquè te’n puguis fer una idea et direm que s’han trobat joies que...

Discover Romanticism Cushion Ring

If hearts were like windows, that we could see inside...   Have you got a window nearby? We invite you to look through it. Windows are a symbol of openness,...

How are engagement rings?

Engagement rings are usually solitaire or diamond wedding rings in white gold or platinum. However, there are also more daring alternatives with groundbreaking designs with colored stones and dream shapes....

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