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Discover Romanticism Cushion Ring

If hearts were like windows,
that we could see inside...


Have you got a window nearby? We invite you to look through it. Windows are a symbol of openness, of living at ease while gazing out at all that life has to offer. They’re also a point of connection and alliance between people, inviting you into places that are unusual, different from those you’re accustomed to.

Jordi Rosich has also observed through the windows ... those of modified cushion-cut diamonds, which have inspired him to create a new dream diamond ring.


We introduce you... The Romanticism Cushion Rose Ring



The cushion cut is a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners. In fact, we’re sure it will remind you of a window or a cushion! This is one of the most popular cuts for engagement rings.

The range of cushion cuts includes regular cuts, as well as those with a modified brilliant cut diamond. The Romanticism Cushion Rose ring offers a 1-carat modified cushion cut diamond. This is a very special ring, with an additional row of facets and oblique lines that offer a unique sparkle, outshining the regular cushion cut.


  The piece is a magnificent classic cut ring with a wonderful romantic feel, thanks to the 22 natural diamonds that accompany the central diamond. Who has never dreamt of wearing a ring like this?


Jordi Rosich has worked it in 18k rose gold to provide the warmth of great occasions. Additionally, rose gold melts into the skin while magnifying the whiteness of these rare diamonds.



The most romantic engagement rings


Surely you have realized that the Romanticism Cushion Rose ring is a piece designed to create a great impact when asking for engagement and is also up to the task to celebrate the most special occasions.

 It is part of one of the emblematic pieces of the new collection of the most romantic diamond rings from Roosik & Co. Come and see them at our Roosik & Co jewellery in Girona. You will discover rings with diamonds in Shield, Emerald, Cushion and Brilliant cuts and asymmetric shaped rings featuring the most beautiful morganites, aquamarines, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. What will be your favorite?


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Jordi Rosich

Joier, clavador, gemmòleg i dissenyador per l'UB i el JORGC. Especialista en diamants naturals.


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