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Hello from Roosik Studio


360º Virtual Tour to Roosik Studio

A spacious, bright, inspiring space, open to the design and experimentation. Here, Jordi Rosich and the whole team can design and develop all the jewelry pieces that light you up every day.

Enter and enjoy a 360º virtual visit to Roosik Studio. Click on the interactive dots for a brilliant experience.





At Roosik Studio we combine traditional techniques –such as the hammer and anvil– with the latest technology –microfusion machiines and 3D.

Want to know what they sound like? This is the heartbeat of Roosik Studio.






Roosik Studio is formed by Jordi Rosich, jeweler and designer of Roosik & Co and his team of jewelers and diamond setters: Cesc, Francesc and Lluís. All of them are experts with more than 20 years of experience.

They meet every day to coordinate the creation fo new pieces and repairs or size adjustments of your rings or engagement pieces of jewelry. Roosik & Co runs like a clock thanks to the whole team.

We present them to you!

Designing jewelry is communicating. Each new piece is a dialogue between us, who work on the piece, and you, who will wear it. Folded, we talk about a romantic story about nature, art, time and people. 

· Jordi Rosich ·

· Jordi Rosich ·

Jordi is the soul behind Roosik & Co. He is a jeweler, designer, gemmologist and diamond specialist! His artistic and creative concerns have led him to create this beautiful project and to design and work on the jewelry that makes us so crazy...

Cesc is a jeweler and has specialized in laser cutting. Plus, she loves gemstones! it has a museum-worthy collection of rare and unique gems. Together with Jordi, he is in charge of creating new jewelry and your orders.


Francesc is an expert nailer, a trade that comes from his family. Thanks to him, Roosik & Co has introduced different ancestral nailing techniques in your diamond jewelry such as engraving or profiling. They are a wonder!





Lluís has been working in the profession for more than 30 years. He has golden hands! It takes care of adjusting your rings and wedding rings and leaving them flawless like the first day.


How do we design a piece of jewelry? The start of our creative process is simple. Jordi Rosich imagines who will wear the jewel and from there... The creative show begins! Jordi comes into a wonderful world of ideas. Jordi visualizes the person walking or having fun with friends, he places them in their everyday life. And behind every jewel there is a Marta, a Laura, a Marc... Behind every jewel is you.



Jordi Rosich will give you a personal guided tour. Leave us your e-mail and we will turn you into an expert jeweler and gemmologist, specialized in diamonds ;)

Thank you!
Roosik & Co

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