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Origin story

Designer of Roosik & Co

Jordi Rosich

Jordi Rosich (see interview here) was born in a family of jewelers. Contact with the materials and tools of the workshop were the natural habitat that fueled the passion that was to develop later. After finishing high school, he started higher studies in jewelery and gemology at the JORGC School of Jewelry and the University of Barcelona at the same time that his creativity is translated in the first designs of jewels with a marked personal character. After five years of working in the family workshop, he takes on a new challenge in an emblematic establishment on the Rambla de la Llibertat in Girona. It is in this scenario that Rosich begins to present its jewelry designs under the Roosik & Co brand.He has also received professional recognition for his career: the 2019 Talent Award by Girona City Council and the Best Jewelry store Award 2019 by JORGC, the Official Association of Jewelers, Goldsmiths, Watchmakers and Gemmologists of Catalonia .

Gems with heart

Traceability is the first step towards sustainability. At Roosik & Co we will give you information about the country of origin of the diamonds thanks to the "Origin by GIA" certificates. So when you buy one of our jewels with a stone of certified origin, you will realize the impact it has on the development of that country.

Our diamonds

100% recycled gold

One of our main commitments, which we acquired as a brand from day one, is to create all our pieces of jewelry in a conscious and environmentally friendly way.

Our gold

We are jewelers

We are jewelers and gemologists and we make jewelry because that is what we know best to do. We have been dedicated to the craft for over 25 years, and we control all the stages of the process of designing and creating each of our pieces: from the time Jordi Rosich has the first idea until you have the jewel in your hands. So we can guarantee you that piece is really what we tell you it is. We can tell you in detail why we designed it this way, why we selected those gems or diamonds or how we did the nailing and finishing... For us, providing you with all this information and being able to certify it is a symbol of honesty towards you.

Roosik & Design

Creativity and Savoir faire

Roosik & Co’s designer jewelry is inspired by personal experiences that express the sensitivity and delicacy with which they were created. Jordi Rosich, gemologist, certified locksmith and diamond specialist, signs the pieces, which he designs and works by hand in his shop in Girona. Roosik & Co’s creations combine noble metals and precious stones in an evocative and nostalgic collection. They are elegant and beautiful jewels, at the same time suggestive, jewels to arouse the emotion of those who wear them.


Roosik & Co jewelry is thought and designed by Jordi Rosich. His creativity is based on the inspiration he finds in his most immediate environment, in the exuberance and delicacy of nature, in the personality of the people around him, in the artistic movements, in the contemporary world… With the first idea, Rosich draws the sketch by hand and moves it to 3D graphic design. From this, the molds are created that must allow the designs to be embodied. The 3D printing of the models makes the jewel visible for the first time: it is time to rectify and polish details before the final production of the jewel.

Tech LAB

Roosik & Co's jewelry workshop is equipped with the cutting-edge technology of the 21st century, only in this way can we offer you the best of both worlds: ancestral knowledge and the most contemporary technology. Laser cutting and welding machines or software for designing and creating 3D pieces coexist with the hammer and anvil of historical jewelry. This makes it possible to create a beautiful and timeless piece of jewelry, a laborious work of art that requires many steps before reaching the final product.

Roosik & Co

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