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Gold on Paper


Natural diamonds VS laboratory diamonds

Humans have always tried to imitate what nature has created. Surely it is because of our desire to create, innovate, improve and express ourselves. However, also because the Earth's resources...

Ens hem ben trobat!

Hepta Puzzle: Joia d’Edició Especial    Si tu ets or, jo seré safir o robí. Tu, l’eterna abraçada i jo qui t’ompli de color el buit. La teva mà, sempre oberta,...

Touramalli is Back

A new raw tourmaline. 66 new gems. All in different colors and tones, as unique and special as you. Welcome back Touramalli Silk Rose! Jordi Rosich – our jeweler, gemmologist...

The true value of diamonds

Botswana is a country in southern Africa, a landlocked country dominated by the stunning Kalahari Desert, which covers 70% of the territory. In colonial times, in the 19th century, it...

The birthstone of june: the Morganite

The day we were born marks us and can imprint distinctive features on our personality, which is why in ancient times each month of the year was associated with a...

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