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We are jewelers and gemologists and we make jewelry because it is the best thing we know how to do best. We have been engaged in the craft for over 25 years, and we control all the stages of the process of designing and creating each of our pieces: from the time Jordi Rosich has the first idea until you have the jewel in your hands. This way we can guarantee that this piece is really what we tell you it is. We can tell you in detail why we designed it this way, why we selected those gems or diamonds or how we did the nailing and finishing ... For us to provide you with all this information and to be able to certify it is a symbol of honesty towards you.

Jordi Rosich

He was born into a family of jewelers . Contact with the materials and tools of the workshop were the natural habitat that fueled the passion that was to develop later.



A wide, bright, inspiring space, open to design and experimentation. Here, Jordi Rosich and the whole team can design and develop all the pieces of jewelery that light you up every day.


Doing good

At Roosik & Co. we work with natural diamonds, because our commitment is not only to environmental sustainability, but to sustainability and social dignity in countries like Botswana, which, no matter how far away they are, are part of our own human community.


Natural precious stones

From Moçanibc, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar to Girona, we work the stones from the source and our collaborators cut them in Barcelona, at all times we have traceability and origin making an even more exclusive jewel.


your gem

When you receive your jewel you will see that everything has been thought out with great care and detail for you: We attach the certificate of authenticity of the diamonds or gems, where you can check their quality, origin and characteristics. You will also receive some cards as the piece is unique and is handmade in our workshop in Girona.


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Roosik & Co

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