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Our diamonds

The charm of the most intense luminosity. Who doesn’t feel fascinated by the intensity of the light, the dazzling force of the stars at night, or the brightness of the sun’s reflections on the sea at noon? Such is the light of the purest diamonds. And at Roosik & Co we turn them into designer jewelry, to enlighten you forever.

The 7 "C" of Roosik & Co

In jewelry, the so-called "4 C" (cut, clarity, carat and color) are what determine the perfection of a diamond. Thus, the quality of the size and purity, the carats and the color of a diamond is what determines that this diamond is especially dazzling and that it stands out for its luminosity. At Roosik & Co we add three more: the triple excellence, the guarantee that everyone is from a conflict-free country and, lastly, a certificate of authenticity and quality. Because we love the jewels we create as much as you do.


From colorless to yellow or brown, there is a wide range of diamond colors. At Roosik & Co we only work with Colorless Diamonds (groups D, E, F), making our jewelry pieces even more beautiful.


If a diamond has no impurities when viewed ten times enlarged it is said to be flawless and nothing can alter its optical properties. That is why Roosik & Co always recommends diamonds in the VVS2 and higher category.


Whether the carving is emerald-shaped or shiny round, oval or princess: the symmetry, proportion and polish of the faces will make the cut of a diamond excellent, thus reflecting 99% of the light that it penetrates.


One carat is equivalent to 200 mg, and is the unit for measuring the weight of a diamond. The carat determines the value of a diamond, but it is advisable to choose a size that suits the personality of the wearer.

Excellent in quality, ethical in origin and authentically natural

The extra 3 "C's" from Roosik & Co

Roosik & Co diamonds are always of triple excellence: the symmetry, the cut and polishing they are impeccable. Only in this way is the scattering of the light that penetrates it complete and the diamond shining like a star.

Jordi Rosich -jeweler, nailer, gemologist and designer- personally selects all our diamonds. Roosik & Co only uses diamonds from conflict-free regions. All our diamond suppliers know and meet the requirements of the "Treaty of Kimberley".

Besides, all diamonds used in our store are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, accrediting the guarantee and excellence of the stones. An official GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate for all those diamonds over 0.30 carats and a certificate issued by Jordi Rosich, a qualified gemologist and diamond specialist, for all those diamonds under 0.30 carats.

Roosik & Co

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