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A lifetime warranty

Our jewelry is handcrafted, unique designs handcrafted with great care. Each of the pieces goes through very strict quality controls, an effort that we also want to maintain when the jewel is already by your side.

After-sales services Roosik & Co

When you purchase a jewel from Roosik & Co you become part of our family, you become our “& Co”. This means that, among other things, we will take care of your piece. As you know at Roosik & Co we have our own workshop, as well as with the advice of an expert jeweler and nailer, thanks to this we offer you the following services:


Cleaning service for your jewelry FREE and FOREVER.

Bring us your jewelry whenever you want and we will clean it for you. Contact us at and we will meet you.

In any case, if you want to keep your jewelry and gemstones colored like the first day, the best thing you can do is prevent. We encourage you to visit our blog and the "Jewelry care".


We offer this service for the life of your jewel. If you need to readjust the size, fix a defect or make any changes to your jewelry, please contact us and take it to the Roosik & Co store.

You will enjoy a special price for all our jewelry.


We offer you the first maintenance service FREE. A review two years after the purchase that includes the cleaning and repairing your piece.

From the fourth year onwards, we will do the full review for € 35 (for yellow and rose gold jewelery) and € 55 (for white or platinum gold jewelery). This complete maintenance includes rhodium plating (in white gold), checking the studs of the gems and removing all the scratches on your piece, adding gold with laser procedures. That way your jewelry will NEVER lose metal, nor will its initial beauty. You can always look like the first day :)


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