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We will tell you why Vitruvik is one of Jordi Rosich's most personal engagement rings.


Jordi Rosich, a great lover of art, the perfection of geometric shapes and minimalism, found in Vitruvius Man his source of inspiration to start working on the Vitruvik ring. It's Rosich's most especial and personal engagement ring. 

As you may know, Vitruvius Man is one of the best-known sketches by the artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. It's a study of the proportions of the human body, which he made from one of the texts of Vitruvius, an architect of the ancient rome, from whom he takes his name. 

Symbolically, the circle in this sketch represents "the sky" and the square inside represents "the earth". The spiritual part and the material part come together in a balanced way and result in a whole of great strength, personality and magnetism.

In the Vitruvik engagement ring, the circle of the Da Vinci drawing is represented by a 7-sided geometric figure, a heptagon. The heptagon is the icon and essence of Roosik&Co, because seven are the metals of antiquity and seven are the colors of the rainbow. The number seven also represents magic, totality and perfection.

The result is a symmetrical ring, proportionate and beautiful, which respects the essence of that drawing of Vitruvious's Man, from whom he inherits his name. 

Here you can see the vitruvik ring that we designed and made by hand in our workshop, located in the basement of the Roosik&co store in Girona. See here.



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