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Jewellery Values

What is jewellery for you?

Jewellery has always formed part of our lives. To give you an idea, here’s a bit of information: experts have found jewels dating back over 90,000 years! That jewellery was made with the materials that our ancestors had at hand: shells, wood, stone, hides and other natural elements.

The design of those pieces has evolved continuously to this day, although their essence continues to be the same. What does jewellery symbolise for you?

The value of a piece of Jewellery


For us, a piece of jewellery is so much more than a combination of precious metals, diamonds and fine gems. A piece of jewellery is art. And time. It’s craft and commitment.

And it’s emotion. Jewellery is also a way to embody our memories, making them physically tangible. A way to feel that the people we love are near, a way to express ourselves just the way we are and a way to eternalise our values, so that they transcend our own lives. A piece of jewellery is a legacy. Your legacy. Have you ever thought of that?


The value of a Diamond

Although in recent years there has been increasingly more talk of synthetic or laboratory diamonds, the value of a natural diamond is incalculable.
A natural diamond is a gift of nature. Its incredible birth and history are impossible to replicate with technology.
Diamonds and natural gemstones are created over the course of hundreds of millions of years, 160 km below the earth’s surface, at extreme temperatures and pressures. It is volcanic activity that brings them up to the surface. 90% of those diamonds disappear during the violent volcanic eruption that propels them to the earth’s surface! Yet the remaining 10% are a real treasure (or a miracle) that the earth has given us to express our finest and most enduring feelings: love, friendship, commitment. It’s the earth’s legacy in your hands.

Only very few of the surviving diamonds have the perfect optical qualities. Only 0.02% of the world’s extraction of natural diamonds bring together all the properties that make them impeccable diamonds. As you see, the value of a natural diamond is not only determined by its extreme beauty, but also because it is so rare, so unique, so special, like the person wearing it …

The value of Gold

You may have wondered at some point why people choose to give gold or platinum jewellery as a gift, over costume jewellery, which can offer incredible designs and very enticing prices. The answer resides in the metals that form part of the piece.
Gold is a precious metal that does not rust. This means that it will endure the passage of time.

If the jewellery piece is not made with precious metals, it will deteriorate with use and eventually lose its value as an object. And with that loss, it will invariably lose its emotional value. And we ultimately stop placing importance on the piece or the moment that spurred us to buy it.

On the other hand, if the ring is made of gold or platinum, you will always—and by always, we mean as long as you live and as long as those who come after you live—have a shining piece of jewellery in perfect condition. The jewellery piece marks a new point in your life history, and its appearance and value will always be the same, no matter how many years go by.

  To take an obvious example, you are sure to have inherited jewellery from your mother or grandmother. It’s like having a piece of them with you, right? We’re sure that when the time comes, you too would like a part of you to live on in the lives of your children or grandchildren … How can you see to this if not with a piece of gold jewellery with diamonds or fine gemstones? The jewellery piece becomes the only medium (beautiful and long-lasting) capable of eternally expressing the poetry of your personality.

If the design of the jewellery is timeless enough to survive the passing years, the new generations will wear your pieces with great love and enthusiasm. What’s more, with each piece of jewellery from your jewellery box, they will learn more about the way you were, your lifestyle and above all, your values.


Your values

The value placed on a piece of jewellery is very personal and depends on its meaning and on each person’s own specific ideas, values and rituals. A piece of jewellery even has the ability (or the power!) to change the way we feel in a given situation, as we associate it with a similar experience or a person.

Honesty, transparency, resilience, creativity and love are fundamental values of daily life at Roosik & Co and we aim to convey those values in each piece of jewellery that we design for you and that accompany you on your life path. And you? What values would you like to be remembered for What will be your legacy? To help you identify those values, here is a list. Feel free to add any others that you wish to include:
Authenticity · Joy · Friendliness · Love · Beauty · Kindness · Tenderness · Honesty · Loyalty · Perseverance · Bravery · Tolerance · Commitment · Curiosity · Empathy · Balance · Respect · Gratitude · Modesty · Humility · Achievement · Vitality · Patience · Integrity · Sacrifice · Courage · Discretion · Trust · Generosity · Originality
Do you accept the challenge? If so, we invite you to select 5 and try to express them in a piece of jewellery. Get inspired at and tell us about your chosen piece at our Instagram account: @roosikandco
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