A "Yes I Do" in la Toscana · A Dispersée Love Story

Adriana had it all ready for her trip to La Toscana with Gerard for months. The two were very excited to photograph an idyllic scene in these dreamy places: how about a picnic during a sunset? Adriana, who is a photographer by profession, loved the idea and decided to take from home a thousand and one details to be able to use them as props: a tablecloth, little lights, the baske ... What she did not know or expected was that moment that she would soon capture with the camera would become one of the most magical of their lives.


While Adriana was preparing the trip, Gerard already had the engagement ring chosen and very close... He kept it at home for a month and a half! It was so much fun to see how, every day, Adriana was two steps away from the ring without knowing it. Gerard had the theory that "if you want to hide something well, you have to leave it in plain sight.

"At last the day of the journey came and Gerard had to take the ring out of its hiding place. The jewel went to the backpack that would accompany them every day and where they carried everything they needed to visit the villages, museums and go to Italian restaurants…    


Gerard and Adriana planned the picnic on the third day of their stay in Italy. They visited Siena and bought dinner: a good wine and other groceries in one of the typical shops of the old neighborhood. Maybe because Siena makes you fall in love so much that you spend more hours there than you had planned or, simply, that shouldn't be the day… But the sunset caught them in the car, walking, of course, between vineyards, meadows and cypresses.
They had no choice but to postpone the picnic for the next day (and Gerard would have another chance to ask for marriage!). The route of the day was marked by Perugia. This time they didn’t want to be late for the sunset, so the visit was quick and after lunch they made their way to the location.

When they arrived to the hill, they immediately prepared the dream scene. Adriana was immersed in her world taking dozens of photographs here and there. Just when she was about to save the camera, Gerard tells her, "Let’s take the last picture with the timer at 10 seconds." "One more photo?" Thought Adriana, "if we have a lot of them!" But Gerard, inside him, began the countdown: 4, 3, 2 ... and in the last second, while she was smiling at him, he looked at her and the words came from his lips: "Do you want to get married? with me?" CLICK. Gerard offered him the engagement ring just as the camera taked the photo. They had the snapshot of that memory for a lifetime.


As you can imagine, the answer was a resounding yes.


La Toscana, one of the most romantic places to ask for marriage: good weather, film landscapes and perfect gastronomy to enjoy it with all the senses. Gerard couldn't have chosen a better place to ask for marriage, even though Adriana would have said yes anywhere in the world ...


  ♡  Real Story lived by Gerard and Adriana in La Toscana (Italy) in August 2021
♥ By the way, the picnic area is in the vicinity of Agriturismo Baccoleno;)



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