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Treballa amb nosaltres

Communication and Marketing

To talk about Roosik & Co is to talk about people and the magical stories that surround them. You will love communicating this beautiful project, aimed at empowering the brightest part of all the people who are part of it: friends, clients and team.

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Jewelry workshop

Are you a jewelry student? Or do you already have experience? At Roosik Studio we always need a helping hand. You will help us create the most beautiful and shiny jewelry! Rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets that are small works of art, all handmade :)


Jewelery consultant

Do you love jewelry, crafts, art, and most of all, people? Roosik & Co is your place. You will be complicit in the most beautiful stories. We will train you so that you can give your best to the people who want to find the right jewel.

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Roosik Stories

A day at the shop

Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a story or some unique aspect of your business that will help customers relate to your brand. This could be a story from the early days of your company, or some aspect of your brand that helps you to stand out. Typically you will want this section to be about 150 words. Not too long and not too short. The goal is to give customers a reason to buy from you and not from someone else. A personal story or a convincing statement of brand values ​​will help you accomplish that. Help customers connect with your brand and they will want to buy from you.

Main and Fifth

Our Office

Do you have a physical space that is associated with your brand? Feature it here. It doesn't have to be a beautiful storefront. It can be where you came up with the idea for your business or where you stage products for delivery. Help your customers connect the brand with a place and with real people.

Roosik & Co

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