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How are engagement rings?

Engagement rings are usually solitaire or diamond wedding rings in white gold or platinum. However, there are also more daring alternatives with groundbreaking designs with colored stones and dream shapes. Now we tell you!
 How does each one look? What to keep in mind when choosing a diamond ring? We give you a hand in this very special process that is the choice of the engagement ring.

What is a solitaire?

A jewel that contains a single diamond is called a solitaire. In this type of rings the diamond becomes the absolute protagonist, it is the center of attention, so we recommend that you take the time and care to choose the most beautiful and bright gem. Later we will talk about the properties of diamonds and it will serve as a guide.
As for the designs, at Roosik & Co you will see that despite maintaining the same essence there are a wide variety of models, with different shapes and with diamonds of all sizes. If you can, come and see them at the Girona Roosik & Co jewelry store and we will explain the differences between each one so that you can choose the one that best suits her. Some of the rings become narrower as they approach the diamond, others with voluptuous shapes, some with the highest diamond, others with the diamond welcomed by gold...
If you think that a solitaire is uncomfortable to wear on a day-to-day basis, we can assure you that Roosik & Co's are not. Jordi Rosich has designed an exclusive system of staples with rounded shapes that, in addition to highlighting the beauty of the diamond and occupying the minimum space on the gem, means that the ring does not stick to the clothes you wear and that it can follow your rhythm 24 hours a day ;)

What is a diamond wedding ring?

We call diamond rings those rings formed by a sequence of diamonds in line. We can find whole rings (where diamonds go all the way around the ring) or half rings (where diamonds occupy half or three quarters of the ring).

Today we can find very different ones: in many sizes of diamonds, in all kinds of gold color, in combination with solitaires... We leave you with a sample of the diamond wedding ring collection from Roosik & Co if you want to discover all its variants.


Engagement rings with colored stones

If you want an alternative and daring option, we recommend that you offer an engagement ring with colored gemstones: sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, rubies... In addition, you can combine them with different colors of gold and platinum to give give it your touch.

Keep in mind that gems, their colors and their symbolism, are very attractive to faces asking for commitment and will turn your piece into an even more personal and unique expression of love. We leave you with a sample of our new collection, sure you will like it.


Classic or original ring?

We advise you to start by valuing the classic options while asking for commitment, the solitaire and the diamond alliance are sure success. But, if you find a different piece that especially catches your attention or that reaches your heart... don't hesitate either! Pay attention to your intuition.

And is that jewelry is not just gold and diamonds, they are feelings. Any ring can become an engagement ring, don’t be afraid to look for combinations with different gems or designs (even an open ring or one that combines diamonds of different sizes!). Which do you like best, classic or original?

Anillo solitario diamante Anillo compromiso original Anillo compromiso diamante grande


If you have any questions talk to us, we will be happy to help you.


The 7 C. The perfect diamond: brilliance and transparency

It is important to choose well and value the diamond we choose for one of the most important jewels in the history of the couple.  

At Roosik & Co we work based on the categories established by the American Gemmological Institute, the GIA. If you don’t know it, it’s the non-profit organization that is dedicated to research and training in the jewelry industry, and has established quality scales so you can have information on what diamond you’re buying.

These categories value the size, purity, carats and color of the diamond, which is called the 4C’s, and its quality depends on making a diamond more beautiful and brighter.


1C: Cut

Gemstones and diamonds are found raw in nature. They need to be worked on well so that the gem acquires shine, color and transparency and can reflect the light that penetrates it. Care must also be taken that all its facets (faces) are symmetrical and polished.

If the cutter has done so excellently certain characteristics of the diamond are enhanced, such as "fire" or "brilliance". It is called "fire" when light enters the gem and it is able to disperse it across the color spectrum, creating a rainbow inside the diamond. As for the "brilliance", it is the ability of the diamond to return the light that penetrates it. This light seems to come from itself!


Each size offers a special light scattering and different from the rest. The most common sizes with which we usually see gems in jewelry are: bright (round), emerald (rectangle), oval, pillow (square)… At Roosik & Co, we also have an exclusive size, the heptagonal size.


2 C: Clarity

Roosik & Co diamonds are natural and therefore gems that are created during very complex geological processes, subjected to a lot of pressure and very high temperatures for millions of years.

The most common is that during this creation process the diamond incorporates inclusions in its structure in the form of dust or small cracks. These elements can interfere with the brilliance of the diamond, as they prevent the ray of light that penetrates it from enjoying a total dispersion.

A diamond is pure only when, even with a magnifying glass of 10 magnifications, we are not able to see any of these inclusions in it.

At Roosik & Co we only work with diamonds of purity higher than VVS (very, very slightly). It means that its impurities are imperceptible to the eye, even with a magnifying glass of 10 magnifications, and does not affect the beauty and quality of the diamond. Less impurities... the more valuable and beautiful your diamond will be!


3 C: Carat

Carats refer to the weight of a stone. One carat equals 200 mg. The more carats a gem has, the rarer it is found in nature, so the price of diamonds rises exponentially in size. However, the value of this gem is determined by the sum of the 4Cs, so even if a diamond is large, if its purity, size and color are not optimal, its value will be lower because it will look lifeless...


If you are wondering what the right diamond size for your engagement ring is, we will tell you that it depends a lot on the woman who is going to wear it. Some women will feel very comfortable with 1 carat diamonds, others prefer a 0.20 ct diamond ring. For you to have a reference, the most common size they usually choose in the Roosik & Co store is between 0.17 carats and 0.60 carats.


4 C: Color

The GIA scale sets different colors for diamonds, from the yellowest to the most transparent. It is important that the diamond belongs to the D-E-F categories (colorless, transparent) in order to be one of the brightest. At Roosik & Co you will only find diamonds in these categories.

Diamond is a natural lipophilic stone, that is, it is very adherent to fat. With daily use they tend to get dirty, if the base of the stone is transparent we will see it shiny and beautiful much longer without the need to maintain it, but if the base is yellow we will see it off immediately.


The extra 3 Cs from Roosik & Co

Triple excellence, diamonds with heart

At Roosik & Co we demand two more characteristics from diamonds to make sure they are optimal. One is the triple excellence in cutting, symmetry and polishing of all facets of the diamond, the other is that all diamonds are ethical and come from conflict-free territories.

In addition, all diamonds are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, accrediting the guarantee and excellence of the stones: an official GIA certificate for all those diamonds over 0.30 carats and a certificate issued by Jordi Rosich for those under 0.30 carats.

Jordi Rosich, jeweler and designer at Roosik & Co, is a qualified gemologist specializing in diamonds. Rosich chooses one by one each gem she works with, so she can guarantee that they all enjoy these objective features that will help make your jewelry more beautiful and special. 

Imagine owning a diamond ring like this.



If you have any questions about diamonds or which engagement ring to choose, write to us at, call us on 972 20 47 85 or visit us at the Roosik & Co store, located on Rambla de la Freedom, 2-4, from Girona.

The world of diamonds is very vast, it is worth learning some notions to be able to value them. Now that you are an expert, we encourage you to see our entire collection:

What do you think of our engagement rings?

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