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Diamonds, April's Birthstone

The time of year we were born can affect our personality, that’s why ancient cultures associated a certain gemstone with each month of the year. Gemstones have inherent qualities that we can identify with; Wearing a gemstone associated with the month of the year we were born can be a way to enhance these qualities.

If you were born on a day in April (doesn’t matter how many years ago) keep reading and you will see how your birthstone is the diamond. Stay tuned, because at Roosik & Co we’ve designed wonderful diamond jewelry pieces so you can wear the one that best suits your personality, whether it’s for your birthday… And for life!

The Diamond & You

 Diamants en brut · Joieria Roosik & Co

Who hasn’t heard of diamond hardness? Do you know that, in fact, the name itself means just that? Well, yes, because etymologically the diamond comes from the Greek, adámas which means ‘indomitable’. There’s nothing compared to diamond's hardness; the ruby and the sapphire, the hardest stones after the diamond, are 140 times less hard ... That's all, isn't it?

Perhaps that is why it is perceived as a glacial stone; due to its hardness and appearance, which rarely has color, and we tend to see in its glow a touch of silver gray, a slight hue of white silk, an almost metallic reflection ... An immaculately clean appearance and fearless. Surely this is one of the reasons why it is the stone of the month of April, because those born at this time of year are usually reasonable, thoughtful people, of "serene head": first think, then move on to action!


Joies amb diamant


But the diamond is also the light and the light is the grace, the natural sympathy, like the one that many people born in April have: the key is to relativize and know how to laugh of oneself; From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true fun of life lies! The diamond has the same luminosity that infuses love, the awareness of loving and being loved, isn't it the most resplendent light that exists? Maybe that’s why the diamond is the great symbol of love ... Or not, it must also be because of its immovable hardness, right? Because we have already said that nothing is as solid and hard immovable as a diamond ...!



Your birthday is a unique day, it shines with a special light, like the light of diamonds that stands out from all the others. If you now know that diamond is your birthstone, make your dream of having a jewel with a diamond as bright as yourself come true!

Anells amb diamant petit

It can be a ring or a pendant, in white, yellow or rose gold, a piece that will dazzle but only you will know how special it is …

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We don't want to be less than the people around you, the whole Roosik & Co team wants to join them in a big wish of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and for many years!! We are close to you, you know, contact us when you need it by e-mail o WhatsApp to clarify any questions.

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