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Heptastone: gemstones with heptagonal cut

Heptastone is a unique cut in the world. Gems with this cut give off very beautiful reflections on the face and skin ... It is so captivating and special - Jordi Rosich

Gemstone carvings

Gemstones are cut to maximize their properties of transparency, color, brilliance ... It is the art that transforms a rough stone into a dazzling piece of jewelry.

Maybe you know about the brilliant-cut, emerald-cut, princess-cut, round-cut, oval-cut… They are all beautiful, but Jordi Rosich decided to design a new 7-side cut. He had a dream of creating a whole jewelry collection that would make you shine with this unique cut in the world...


What is the Heptastone?

With this idea in mind, the heptagonal cut was born.

Gems with this cut have 7 sides and 43 facets. When the light comes into the heptagonal gem, beautiful reflections are created on your face and skin.

"7" is also considered the magic number par excellence. In fact, seven is the number that represents our essence.

An exclusive cut from Roosik & Co

Have you ever seen any gemstones with this cut? That's because the heptagonal cut is exclusive from Roosik & Co's.

You will only find it in our jewelry store in Girona and in our online store in You can choose 4 different colors: pink, orange, green and blue. Each color corresponds to a gem: rose quartz, citrine, peridot, and topaz.

Which are the jewels with Heptastone?

Blossik, HeptaCrown, Glow and 80th’s collections are 18k gold jewels with heptastone colored gemstones. They have a great personality. Discover all of them!


Guide of jewels and moments with the heptagonal stone

Here you have a small selection of pieces that we have chosen relating them to our favorite "colored" moments. We encourage you to think about yours!

Happy days at sea… Topaz Moments

The Blossik RingThe contrast of the blue tones makes this jewel look vibrant! Fall in love with the natural topaz & 5 blue sapphires.

The jewel exudes great sympathy and harmony, evokes the sensation of walking barefoot along the seashore.

We also work the ring with other combinations of gold and with precious stones in pink, green and orange tones.

Golden dreams under the Sun ... Citrine Moments

The HeptaCrown Ring it is crowned with a citrine with an heptagonal cut. The fun and sociability of the orange gemstone takes us towards the first rays of the sun of the day while we share a coffee with a person we love.

First days of spring ... Rose quartz Moments

Rose Quartz is an incredible gemstone. It is discreet and subtle but it is strong and courageous… It is also associated with sensitivity and commitment.

When a rose quartz is near us, we feel the tickling of the flower petals on our hair.

Feeling the greens of nature ... Peridot Moments

The 80th's earrings combine two heptagonal peridots with two perfectly defined pieces also in the heptagonal cut in 18k gold. They are very flattering, magical, surprising earrings!

Its boldness and its color, a symbol of hope, lead us towards the fields of Alt Empordà. We remember the tranquility and well-being of the bicycle routes through the Gavarres massif area...

How to combine jewelry with colored gemstones?

Jordi has designed these collections to combine them with each other.

With this vibrant palette of intense colors you can make fun and surprising combinations according to your style or personality.

Go ahead and join the orange with the blue, the green with the orange or the blue with the pink. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of natural gemstones!

Do you dare to make your own combination? Here you will find all Roosik & Co's Heptagonal Gemstone Jewelry!



See you soon!



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