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How to clean your jewelry with gemstones

How to clean jewellery at home?

Creams, soaps... Gems can lose their natural brilliance. Luckily, it has a quick solution. With a good cleaning and tricks, you will have them shiny again like the first day.

How do you clean gemstone jewelry?

You can clean your diamonds and gemstones with 96°alcohol.

You have to do it with great care and precision, because in the case of white gold rings with precious stones, if the alcohol comes into contact with the gold it can wear down the rhodium dip. 

How to take care of my jewels and prevent them from dirty?

In general, we advise you not to expose gemstones in salt water or chlorinated pools. There are chemicals like detergents, bleach ... that deteriorate gems and gold.

Similarly, try to keep them away from hairspray, makeup, perfumes and body creams... We recommend you to put on the jewelry once you have applied all these products.

If you do sports or like cooking, DIY ... we also advise you to remove your jewelry with precious stones. Sweat can damage your pieces.

You want to know more?


The Diamond

Diamond is the hardest gemstone par excellence, in fact, its name means “unbreakable”.

We recommend that you keep it away from the polish, because they adhere very easily and take away light.

Alcohol, scourers and acids do not affect it, neither do detergents, dust, changes in temperature or hydroalcoholic gels.

Try not to wear your diamond jewellery when you practice sports to avoid any unnecessary scare. And, at bedtime, keep it in your jewelry box to prevent it from getting dirty from the contact of your skin while you rest. 

The Ruby and the Sapphire

Ruby and blue, yellow, green or pink sapphire are also among the hardest gemstones that exist after diamond.

They share with the queen of gems the same recommendations on how to have a cure. Remember to take off your jewelery with ruby or sapphire when you put on creams, also when you go to the pool, play sports or sleep.

And yes, scourers, acids, alcohol, detergents, dust and changes in temperature do not affect them.

The Emerald

Do you know that emerald does not like changes in temperature? Take it into account when you travel or when you work according to what professions. 

Scourers are also harmful to this gem, they could scratch it.


Aquamarine, Quartz, Tourmaline, Spinel and Peridot

The following for sure will surprise you: lots of quartz particles are travelling in the air. And quartz could scratch some of your jewelry and gems, such as aquamarine, quartz, spinel, peridot, and tourmaline.

This can affect you in specific cases, for example, when dust (with quartz) is deposited on a table, and your ring moves on this surface.

Also avoid that your jewels with these precious stones come into contact with creams, scourers and polish.

The Topaz

The topaz amazes everyone for its intense blue color, it reminds many of the sea! 

To enjoy its reflections, you need to be careful with changes in temperature and take into account not to be in contact with scourers, creams and greasy products or elements.

The Pearl 

Pearls are considered precious stones for their rarity, fineness and value. They are organic objects, since they have been created inside mollusks or other animals.

Therefore, they are especially sensitive, be careful with acids, scouring pads, alcohol, chlorine, detergents, lemon juice...

Gemstone and tumbled jewelry

If your Roosik & Co jewels with precious stones have fallen to the ground or have deeper scratches, better take them to our Atelier and we will check them carefully.


Download your usage guide

We have prepared a downloadable with the daily uses and elements that can affect the brilliance of your jewelry with natural gemstones.

We hope you find it useful!

Homemade trick of your jewels with precious stones

Surely you already know how to clean your gold and gem jewelry at home. If not, we share this tip with you because it is very easy and practical! You will only need a pot of boiling water and 10 minutes of your time. Here it goes!
Do you have more questions about how to take care for your gold jewelry and precious stones at home? Contact us! We are passionate to help you:
If you are concerned that antibacterial gel will dirty or spoil your jewelry, you may read this article about hydroalcoholic gel
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