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Charming Mum · A golden heptagon for you

Beautiful mother, protective mother, dear mother...

How many good memories do you collect day after day with your children? How many emotions do you live and have you experienced with your mother?
Tell us about the jewels of Roosik & Co with which you express these moments of happiness with your loved ones: the birth of a child or a grandchild, a trip together, a special birthday, a goal achieved...
We will present you The Golden Charm of the Heptagon and a personalized illustration of you and your children or of you and your mother!


What do you have to do to participate in Charming Mum?


Send us a video relief up to 30 seconds in vertical format, telling us which Roosik & Co jewels express the bond with your children or your mother.  
We will appreciate see you wearing the Roosik & Co jewelry you refer to in the video and with which you remember that special feeling. You can also show them while you tell us the meaning.  
You can be in the video with the person whom you have expressed your bond in a jewel… It is always a good day to express your gratitude. 


We will need 1 or 2 photos of you and your children or your mother so we can customize your illustration. 

We will make it by hand, for you, and send it to you in digital format in form of a postcard or poster so you can print it from home and place it in a nice corner.



We will share the videoselfie in our Instagram stories during the month of May, to celebrate one of the most intimate bonds that exist, such as mother's love for sons and daughters. Give us your written consent that you agree. 



How to send us the information?

Send us the video and photo thrugh any of our channels: Instagram, Whatsapp (672 723 999) or e-mail: 


Until when can you participate? 

You have time to send us your videoselfie until May 9. 
Cheer up!


How are the winners selected?

The first 7 people to send us their videos with enough quality to publish them, in order of arrival, will recieve the gold charm "The Heptagon" from Roosik & Co and a personalized illustration. 



Does it cost anything?

No, it has no cost for you. This is a detail that we want to offer to our Charming Mums so they can continue shining every day. 


How will you recieve the virtual illustration and the charm?

We will dleiver your virtual illustration to you as soon as possible. Think that they are personalized and handmadeillustrations, one by one, they are very special!

We will send it to you in the same email which you sent us the video and the photo, a few days after you make the request. We will be in touch. 


We will give you the Charm at our Roosik & Co store in Girona, where we can share some time together. The delivery of the charm will be done once we receive the video and publish it in our stories. 

In case that is not possible for you to come, we will contact you to arrange an estimated delivery time. In this case, the cost of shipping would be borne by you.

Get involved and let you be loved #CharmingMum!



See you soon :)

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Jordi Rosich

Joier, clavador, gemmòleg i dissenyador per l'UB i el JORGC. Especialista en diamants naturals.


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