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The birthstone of the month of september: the sapphire

There is no doubt that the day we were born marks us and can even condition distinctive features of our personality. Ancient cultures already associated each month of the year with a precious stone. Precious stones have characteristics with which we can feel identified; that's why wearing a jewel with the gem of the month in which we were born can contribute to enhancing these qualities.

At Roosik & Co., Jordi Rosich has created signature jewels featuring a blue, green or pink sapphire, so that those of you, like yourself, born in the month of September, can give yourself the one that fascinates you the most, a special shape and unique way to celebrate this date and that will always remember this ephemeris.



Piedra natal setiembre zafiro

We will certainly not argue, the month of September is a very active month because it is the month of "the resumption": the return to school, the return to work, the return to the daily routine of domestic life. Sometimes the resumption is a little difficult for us to cope with, but human beings have such an ability to adapt that we have just passed that Monday back to work that made us so lazy and we are already comfortably settled in our routine. That must be why people born in September are so active!

And not only active, even more! They are able to motivate the people around them, and this is important, because nothing is more encouraging than having someone by your side who incites us to action with their example. And it is that those born in the month of September are, above all, friends of their friends. It does not cease to be a sign of its nobility, like that of precious stones, like that of sapphire.

Sapphire is a variety of corundum which, when red, is known as ruby. On the other hand, when the corundum acquires a blue, green or pink colouration, it is when we give it the name of sapphire, accompanied then by a qualifier that describes the specific color of each stone. The abundance of the substances that give it these colors means that there are more deposits of sapphire than ruby, and they are especially mined in countries such as Australia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Traditionally, it was considered that the sapphire protected from any evil, even from poisoning and from the bad intentions of others, even from envy. It was a favorite of princes and priests because it symbolized purity and wisdom and was seen as a highly spiritual stone. Perhaps this is the spirit that people born in September have, able to inspire and entrust others with the enthusiasm and desire to return to their own activity of this month!


Pulsera zafiro

That pure excitement of the birthday, how can we celebrate it? Those of you who were born in September, the month we resume activity and obligations, why don’t you celebrate it with a sapphire, your birthstone?

If you come to Roosik & Co. you will find jewels created by Jordi Rosich with green, blue or pink sapphires, all wonderful!


If you've read this far, we can't leave without wishing you "CONGRATULATIONS", from the whole team that makes up Roosik & Co. Remember that you can contact us at any time to clarify any doubts or to find out about all the jewels that Jordi Rosich has designed with sapphire. Do not hesitate and call us, write us an email, a WhatsApp or come to the store and we will help you in everything you need!

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