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The birthstone of june: the Morganite

The day we were born marks us and can imprint distinctive features on our personality, which is why in ancient times each month of the year was associated with a particular gemstone. Gemstones have some associated qualities that we can identify with; that is why wearing a jewel with the gem of the month in which we were born can help to enhance these qualities.

At Roosik & Co we are thinking of those who came into the world in June, just as summer is knocking at your door. Discover all the jewels that Jordi Rosich has created so that you can wear a subtle and delicate morganite as a complement that will say more about you than any other jewel!

Morganite & You

morganita en brut

There are people who have a natural ability to relate to others, you would say they have an innate ability to connect with anyone else, to fit into any social group. One of the keys is surely that they are usually empathetic people, who know how to put themselves in the place of the other and thus make everyone they deal with feel comfortable... They are like morganites, the birthstone of the month of June.
Morganite is not a well-known stone, but it is wonderfully shiny and dazzlingly beautiful. Like people born in June, it fits in with any jewel because of the discreetness of its shades: from pink to mauve, it often has colors that take on the subtle delicacy of the nude or the finesse of a light salmon. It is the success of knowing how to be: there are no stridencies and this is precisely the triumph of success, in the virtue of understanding others and weaving complicities without attracting attention.
Perhaps it is this virtue that ends up making them leaders, as in the end it is easy to recognize the merits of this innate gift to make people feel like an irreplaceable part of a group. Like the morganites, which end up crowning a unique ring with distinction.

They are usually obtained in deposits in Africa - the island of Madagascar, Mozambique, Rhodesia - and America - California, Brazil - and it is not uncommon for nature to give away really very large morganite crystals, in Brazil They weigh more than 10 kg, real wonders of the Earth! But size often doesn't depend on size: a delicious morganite in a ring will shine with the same brightness as the June sun announcing the arrival of summer.


Your gift, your jewel with Morganite

anell or rosa morganita

Your birthday is such a special day that the light comes out of us; but what if we enhance this innate luminosity with the subtle discretion of a morganite?

If you were born in June and you still don't have a morganite jewel, you can choose the one you like best from all the designer jewelry pieces designed and made by Jordi Rosich, and welcome summer!
If you've come this far, we can't say goodbye without wishing you a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" from the entire Roosik & Co. team. We are as close to you as you want, for anything you need, contact us by

 e-mail or WhatsApp and we will help you with everything you need, or make a reservation at the store and come and see how beautiful the morganites in the natural! You will surely fall in love with it :)  

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