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Discover Oval Rose

the movement of a body,
an eye opening,
the beating of a heart,
the sound of a "Yes, I will".
Have you ever stopped to think about the whirling rush of emotions you feel when someone asks you to marry them? It’s all the memories and feelings you’ve accumulated through the years that surface, sending waves to every corner of your body.
Maybe, you already know what we are talking about. When the person you love opens the engagement box and shows you The Ring, there is a physical and mental reaction that is difficult to express in words. You know what’s coming, you know what they’ll say, but now you can barely listen to the words they’ve been meaning to express for some time...
"Will you marry me?"
  Jordi Rosich understands the magic of that unique and intimate moment in a couple’s life. And he’s set out to evoke all the internal commotion generated by those four words in a ring with elliptical and winding shapes.




The Oval Rose ring is like the motion of the sea’s waves; it’s like the sound of your voice close to the ear, the internal and external dialogue generated by the marriage proposal. 

Jordi has created this engagement ring in pink gold with rounded shapes, to accentuate that entire emotional whirl that is sparked by one of the most important questions of your life. 

Gleaming in the heart of the ring is a magnificent 1.3-carat oval cut diamond. Yes, it also has an elliptical shape! The oval cut is highly valued for its perfect symmetry.


   This diamond is incredibly beautiful, reflecting all the light that permeates it in a thousand rays of colours. And did you know? Those sparkly rainbow explosions produced by the diamond are known as“fire”. They’re magical and very beautiful, and if you’ve never seen them before, there’s no doubt you’ll want to spend hours watching them.

Look, we show you how we made this ring in our Atelier and how it shines:


The pink gold gives this piece an even more romantic feel. It’s a warm and subtle gold, a colour that goes great with every skin tone, while ceding centre stage to the diamond. 

From our experience in the Roosik & Co store, we can assure you that the girls and women who come to see us like rose gold very much. If you dare, you have a "Yes, I Will" guaranteed.


Your Dream Rings 


The Oval Rose ring is part of the new collection of engagement rings that Jordi has worked with in recent months. If you have been attentive in our social media, you will know that among the new pieces there are rings that are actually a white and brilliant orchid and others that are a ruby, emerald or sapphire rose...


Come and see them at our Roosik & Co jewelry store and we will have a nice time among diamonds and precious stones. Or, if you prefer, ask us for advice online ( through chat, whatsapp or video call (+34 676643569).


We wish you a very happy day,


See you soon!


Jordi Rosich

Joier, clavador, gemmòleg i dissenyador per l'UB i el JORGC. Especialista en diamants naturals.


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