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This Christmas, bright flowers for you

When a few months ago, Jordi Rosich designed what would be the "rose" of Sant Jordi, -the Touramalli Silk Rose ring, remember? -, we were especially excited. We knew that the new collection this Christmas would follow in the footsteps of that rose and evoke the natural world.

We invite you to delve into the most beautiful and bright places of Roosik & Co and its creation process. 

Welcome to Botanik.

Inside Botanik you will find 3 sub-collections of floral inspiration that you will love if you are a great lover of nature: Sapphire Garden, Nature and Romance. We will unveil them to you right now! But first, let us tell you to read to the end, because your first Christmas present is waiting for you ...  


The jewels in the new collection, Botanik, could not miss the heptagons. "How can I evolve this figure that I have already worked with all the colors of gold, with diamonds and without, whole and fragmented?", Jordi told us a few months ago.

And it always surprises us. Inspired by nature, he first sketched the heptagon with voluptuous shapes and organic lines that evoke the branches of trees and the stems of flowers.


And as if we were in the middle of the mountain, walking along a golden path, on four sides of the heptagon, sapphires of cheerful and jovial colors bloom. Roses, blues, greens, yellows ... These are small wild flowers that you will be lucky enough to admire every day with the same intensity and freshness.



See Sapphire Garden Colleticon




Nature has an explosive and voluptuous side, colorful and vital !, but it also embraces us with its most subtle, soft and delicate part. 

Nature pieces breathe this almost magical air of natural environments: unusual shapes that flow and change freely like the branches of trees.


See Nature Collection




The strength and energy of the Earth would be impossible to feel without the treasures it sends us. He gives us diamonds and colored gemstones from thousands of miles underground and places them in the shape of a jewel in our hands.



They are gems full of romance and that tell the story of the Earth that saw them born: blue sapphires from Ceylan, morganites from Mozambique, aquamarines from Madagascar, rubies from Myanmar… Romance jewellery accompanies you on this exotic journey!


See Romance Collection




Come to the Roosik & Co store to discover these natural wonders before December 18th. We will offer you a GIFT as a thank you for your visit :)

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