November and your birthstone: Citrine

Did you know that the month of the year we are born can influence our personality? This is one of the reasons why a gemstone has been associated with each month of the year since ancient times. Thus, all those born in a concrete month have a concrete gemstone with which they will feel identified by the associated qualities it has; wearing a jewel with your birthstone will enhance the best of your personality.
If you were born in November, your stone is Citrine, discover how from Roosik & Co we interpret this luminous gem so that it reflects your personality and you can always wear it with you


The value of citrine for you

If you were born on a day in November, you probably often stop to think for two minutes before acting... We know that, because people born this month are thoughtful. They know how to wait to find the right moment -they are patient- to act and also to listen: because they are sensitive and care for the well-being of those around them, whom they know how to understand and encourage, based on understanding and closeness, because people born in November are, above all, empathetic people.

But if you were born one day in November, surely this reflective and sensible temperament is compensated by a touch of creativity, idealism and daring... It's like the acid point that citrus fruits have, so the stone of this November is the Citrine. And it is that the Citrine -as you must already imagine- owes its name to the most common colors, which range from lemon yellow to light brown, going through orange and reddish. This range of colors is due to iron, a coloring substance that dyes this variety of quartz; the iron impurities that each stone presents make it get one or another color, but in any case, they are all colors that reflect the power of the Sun, that emit energy and transmit the warmth of people born this month.
Like the Sun, Citrine brings happiness, prosperity, comfort and warmth and therefore encourages a good rest and avoids nightmares and feelings of anxiety. But on the other hand, it also stimulates and illuminates your creativity and the vital energy that radiates helps to increase your confidence and self-esteem and to show the bright personality that hides behind your delicate sensitivity.


Your gift, your pendant with Citrine

We know that your birthday is one of the most important dates of the year for you, that’s why Jordi Rosich has designed a pendant with your bithstone, a shiny Citrine; a special edition just for those born this November!

Now that you know everything about your birthstone, cheer up to add this piece with Citrine to your jeweler: the CITRINE BIRTHorganic pendant, in 18 carat yellow gold and with a 0.20 carat Citrine in the center. The Birth Pendant with Citrine is a special edition that will only be available until November 30, 2021.




We say goodbye with a sincere hug and a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" from the entire Roosik & Co team. Remember that you can contact us by e-mail, chat or WhatsApp to clarify any questions. 

See you soon!


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