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Nuria Val Frecklesnur · Passionate Women 2019 by Roosik & Co

Nuria Val @frecklesnur is a special woman. Not only because of the small sparks of sunshine that spread freely through her skin, the freckles, but also because of the whole world of beauty that she has managed to create around her.


Hers is a natural beauty. An everyday beauty, accessible, elegant, subtle and captivating.

Nuria is many women in one. She is a photographer, model and creative director. She has a magical eye, able to detect the essence that makes the small details lasting, a priori ephemeral, and an exquisite aesthetic taste that he transmits with games of light, color, compositions and personal and beautiful frames.

She is warm, she's summer. And also, or above all, she is a tireless traveler. She was born in Barcelona, ​​still one of his favorite cities.

Frecklesnur does not have a favorite color because she likes the color itself, in all its breadth and embracing the full range of nuances and combinations. 

Jewels? Yes. Especially earrings and rings with colored gemstones.

Nuria Val Frecklesnur is Passionate Women 2019 by Roosik&Co to inspire so many other women, men, lives and passions, like ours.

We like her naturality, her apparent simplicity, her strength and at the same time her sensitivity… Like a pink quartz, perhaps. Also, her creativity, perseverance and passion for excellence.

Thanks to the #PassionateWomen initiative, Frecklesnur and Jordi Rosich will work together on a common creative project: the design of a unique jewel.

Nuria and Jordi will meet soon. It’s nice to imagine how will be this piece, which will be born of these two restless and creative minds, who don’t know each other in person and who share so many values ​​in common.

They will design the piece in the workshop, combine colored gemstones, melt the gold, make the molds, assemble the jewel…

We invite you to experience the whole process thanks to the photographer Coke Bartrina who will illustrate the meeting with his look, also artistic and warm.

We will be working on a special and limited edition of this gem. Each piece will be a small, numbered work of art. It will be created in gold and precious stones, with four hands, and will be designed to highlight the beauty of passionate, close, special, natural and unique women ...

Roosik&Co’s Passionate Women initiative was born as a thank you to all the close, creative and passionate women who inspire the women and men around them. Roosik&Co is a handmade jewelry firm and also an artistic and cooperative project. Our name already represents the two columns that support the project. "Roosik" is synonymous with craft, authorship, design, family heritage and Jordi Rosich. The ".Co" represents all the people who give meaning to our day to day, who tell us the stories behind each jewel, who give them a life, who inspire us to design and who, ultimately, help us to be better professionals ... and people.

In our newsletter we will inform you about the whole creative process of Nuria and Jordi. You can subscribe from our website or from the our Instagram @roosikandco.

See you soon!



Roosik & Co

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