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The birthstone of the month of August: Peridot

The day we were born marks us and can determine distinctive traits in our personality. Already in antiquity, each month of the year was linked to a precious stone. Precious stones have associated characteristics with which we can feel identified; that is why wearing a jewel with the gem of the month in which we were born can influence the enhancement of these qualities.

At Roosik & Co, Jordi Rosich has created signature jewelry that highlights peridot, the olive green stone of summer, so that those of you, like you, born in the month of August can choose the one that best matches your personal style. Wouldn't it be wonderful to celebrate this approaching date with a piece of jewelry created with peridot? And thus multiply the strength that characterizes you!


El peridot, la pedra natal dels nascuts el mes d'agost

Who has never heard of the Roman emperor Caesar Augustus? Augustus was the first of the emperors of ancient Rome - who ruled in the 1st century BC - and is undoubtedly one of the most well-known historical figures. If we now mention it in this post, it is because we are talking about people born in the month of August, and it is to the emperor Augustus that we owe the name of this month of the year. We don't know if Augustus knew peridot, which is the stone associated with this month, but he certainly would have liked it, since this gem symbolizes strength.

In fact, it seems that this iron and manganese silicate was introduced to Europe by the ancient Crusaders, Christian soldiers who in the Middle Ages traveled to the East to defend their faith; from that moment on, peridot was widely used in the religious goldsmithery of the Christian church and its popularity and prestige reached well into the Baroque period. Oh, I don't know if you can forgive me all this kind of history...!

It was all to explain to you how peridot has earned a central place in the Olympus of precious stones. Probably because of its elegant and captivating olive green color, lively and at the same time resplendent, like the sunset sun in the month of August. A stone that is assimilated to those born in this month, that you are people with a security and an independence that distinguishes you, and that must have been so typical of the emperor Augustus... But yes - let me say it - you also have a point of rebellion, like summer storms, which break out in the middle of the afternoon with the forcefulness and resoluteness of those who have clear ideas, and then leave air as clean and fresh as the transparency of the olive green of a peridot...

Peridot is 'the emerald of the evening', an ally of the night that protects the wearer from nightmares and accompanies those of you born in the month of August, enhancing that bit of mystery that always makes you so interesting!


Anell amb peridot

Finally the day of our birthday, there is no one who is not excited! Those of you born in the month of August, the month of the Roman emperor Augustus, can celebrate by putting a peridot on your jeweler, wearing this elegant green with the naturalness of those who are sure to be the center of their world.

If this is your case, if you were born in the month of August and you still don't have a piece of jewelry with peridot, come to Roosik & Co and discover all the jewelry created by Jordi Rosich with this protective gem of the night!


We can't say goodbye without wishing you "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", from the entire team that makes up Roosik & Co. Remember that we are at your disposal to help you or inform you about all the jewelry with peridot that we can offer you. Do not hesitate and contact us as you like, by e-mail, chat or WhatsApp or come to the store and we will help you with everything you need!


Jordi Rosich

Joier, clavador, gemmòleg i dissenyador per l'UB i el JORGC. Especialista en diamants naturals.


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