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Colors and Style · Combine your rings with stones

Who hasn't been drawn to the great magnetism of gemstones? Seeing them makes most of our eyes shine. They have the power to convey a wide range of emotions and sensations, such as making us feel good, right?

Surely much of their magic comes from their color, their brilliance, and the fact that they are unique, as no two natural gemstones are alike in the world.

Jewelry, Stones, Colors and Style

In jewelry, and in fashion, we usually play with contrasts (volumes, shapes, textures, colors, brightness levels…) in order to create with each jewel a visual impact and a specific effect.
But beyond the combination of gems within a single jewel, there is another factor to consider… And it is the personal art that everyone has to combine different pieces, with or without stones, and take them to at the same time.
We can also call this art "your own style".

You have to keep in mind that when we combine different rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants at the same time, the prominence falls on the whole set of jewelry, rather than on a single piece.
The gaze plays and experiments with all the elements, and they add to each other in favor of the whole…
Learn how to combine your Blossik Jewelry
Jordi designed Blossik, Glow and 80ths  jewelry series from Roosik & Co to combine with each other, so that everyone can create their own set of jewelery.
All the pieces have a common element that unites them: the colored heptagonal gemstone.

To inspire you, we have prepared a series of combinations that play with the pieces of the heptagonal stone. You will see that, with a few small changes, the result can go from being amazing and risky to classic and balanced. 

What color will your day be?

Each set will evoke a feeling or cause a certain effect on you.
So, take advantage of every morning to play with the contrasts of shapes and colors of your jewelry and approach your day the way you want.

Combinations and sets of gold rings with precious stones

We give you a secret. Combine rings with a strong personality with minimalist rings, so that you respect the essence of each piece, and at the same time create a "new ring" that is the result of the union of the two and that will be unique to you. 
Bold. Lush. Vital. Energy. Natural.

Delicate. Sweet. Lovely. Fresh. Subtle.

Natural. Dreamer. Funny.

Transparent. Balanced. Harmonic.

Floral. Inspiring. Female Artistic.

Sets of Gold Slaves and Rings with Precious Stones

Gold slaves are very elegant and sophisticated rigid bracelets. Combine them with gold and diamond rings for your special occasions or with rings with colored stones to give a more casual touch to your day.
Focused. Instrospective. Balanced. Quiet.


Combinations and Sets of Earrings and Pendants with stones

If the earrings have a lot of personality, combine them with a discreet pendant, as they are jewelry that are very close to each other.
For our part, we want to encourage you to be brave and when you choose sets of earrings and pendants, combine similar pieces but not exactly the same design. You will see that the result will be very beautiful and harmonious, although a priori it may seem the opposite.
Magic. Creative. Original. Captivating

Delicate. Discreet. Subtle. Comfortable.


And now… Your turn

You can make as many combinations as you want. Jewels with colored heptagonal stone allow you to wear them alone or in combination with other pieces. You can play to combine monochromatic or multicolored pieces, of the same design, similar or even totally different.

And you can wake up to a happy or introspective morning, tired or vital, wanting to eat the world or just keep calm and in balance.
We help you find out what your combination would look like
Imagine that when you wake up in the morning you have all these jewels, in your favorite colors, inside your jeweler.
Now think about how you want to start your day, what you need to feel good and look forward to the day.

It's time to open the jeweler… try, play, take a few minutes to be you. You will see that this little gesture full of color and bright reflections will bring you more than you think. 
Rings with stones · All designs
Beyond the Blossik series, check out the rest of Roosik & Co.’s collections. Maybe your combination is found mixing different styles, models or jewelry design. 
Here is a brief summary of which gemstones you will find in each collection:
In Heptasik almost all the pieces are worked in yellow gold and are without stone, although in the last pieces you will see that we have also included small diamonds or colored stones that add a nice touch of light and color.
In Blossom you will find jewelry in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold with a variety of stones, of different colors and sizes. Gems can shine alone, as protagonists, or combined.

Blossom Nina is the collection for the little ones in the house, and we have adapted the Bouquet series from the Blossom collection to them… Gemstones in fruity, floral or maritime colors, in yellow gold, white or pink gold and macramé… they are a delight! Plus, here you can go mother and daughter combined!
In Eternal you will find jewelry with diamonds and especially in white gold, rose gold or platinum. We wish we had passed on to you some of the magic of this art, even though it is so personal that you better experience it yourself. You can come to the Roosik & Co jewelry store in Girona to try on the jewelery you want, without any commitment. Make an appointment here:
A big hug!


Jordi Rosich

Joier, clavador, gemmòleg i dissenyador per l'UB i el JORGC. Especialista en diamants naturals.


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