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If you look closely, the greatest things in this life don’t have a defined form: illusion, trust, friendship, desire, hope... And love. It is the magic of emotions, of sensations, which without being palpable and tangible, give us so much, they give us reasons to enjoy each new day because they inject light into the spirit of living. Love is one of the greatest feelings, it is universal and has no borders, it’s expressed without the need to speak a specific language and there are no barriers that it cannot break!

Love can take the form of memories: that walk in the orchard with Grandpa when we were little; sunny mornings on the shore, playing with mother to make sand castles; that afternoon under an autumn rain with the person we love; the first time the little baby we held in our arms smiled at us... Love also takes the form of the most beautiful things that nature has created: the brilliance of the stars, the harmonic song of the birds at dawn, the extreme delicacy of flowers and even the perfect spiral of a sea snail shell.

Anells en forma de flor per regalar per Sant Jordi

All the strength of love can be condensed in a small jewel, all the power of feelings and all the meaning of emotions contained in a small ring, in the brilliance of a diamond, in the discreet adornment of flower-shaped earrings. Every time we make the daily gesture of clasping that pendant around our neck, of putting on that ring that they gave us, we relive the power of love that offered it to us, that precise moment of joy but also all the memories that it is capable of evoking.

Jordi Rosich has transferred to his new collection all the complexity of defining the greatest of feelings, the formless expression of love becomes a series of organic forms that are the protagonists of jewels that are more than beautiful, because they are designed to transmit and to manifest, to teach and to say, to promise and commit, to show, in short, one of the greatest things in life: love.

Anell en forma de flor amb aiguamarina i anell orgànic en or rosa

We invite you to discover “This is Love”, the new collection for this spring-summer from Roosik & Co:


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