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The Diamond

What will have this gem that makes us all fall in love?


Her extreme luminosity and brilliance make her the queen of precious stones. In fact, if you stop to think about it, it is one of the most beautiful, valuable and unique works of art that nature has created. Here are some details to become an expert gemologist:

About diamonds


The process of forming a diamond is very long. It can be billions of years since it originated more than 150 kilometers below the earth's surface, at extremely high temperatures and pressures, until you have it in your hands! It is a very special gem, as it is the only one that forms at such a depth, beyond the earth's crust.

Diamond, moreover, is the only gemstone that is made up of a single element: carbon. You've probably heard it many times before: a pencil lead and a diamond are the same thing! And they are not misguided, simply because the carbon atoms of a diamond come together and are organized in a different way than in graphite. This makes the pencil lead so soft that we can write on it, while in the case of diamonds they are so hard that they can only be scratched on contact with other diamonds.

In fact, the word “diamond” refers to its hardness; comes from the Greek "adamas" and means "impossible to break". Just to give you an idea, diamonds are the hardest material on earth, they are 58 times harder than any other element in nature!


“I am a gemologist specializing in diamonds, I was lucky enough to delve into this gem. Its rarity, its optical properties... it wins the title of the most beautiful of gems!”


The quality of a diamond


Do you know that in a normal day you are more surrounded by diamonds than you think? Only 20% of all diamonds are used in jewelry! The rest have technical utility: drilling heads, milling machines, glazing tools…

The fact is that different categories of diamonds are established according to their quality. It takes a lot of skill, knowledge and technique to determine it. Read the section "Our diamonds" to know how the color, the purity, the size, the carats, the so-called 4 C in jewelry, determine that a diamond is exceptional and impeccable.


Such high quality diamonds account for only 0.02% of the world's extraction of this gem. Imagine how exclusive and rare they are! They are the ones we use to create your jewel. Its beauty, uniqueness and brilliance will make you fall in love and you will want to have at least one in your life…


Diamond symbolism


As you know, the most desired of the gems is associated with eternal friendship, love and commitment. Of course, remember that it is the most durable and strong of all gemstones :)

Diamonds are attributed such beautiful and noble adjectives that they pass to the wearer once given away. To offer a diamond is to express how unique, brilliant, strong, noble, and eternal it is to you. The diamond is the protagonist gem while asking for engagement, and also seals the couple’s union in wedding rings.

In addition, if you were born in April, the diamond is your birthstone, and it is also the gem that is given away on your 60th and 75th birthdays.


Jewelry care


The diamond has a 10 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, it is the hardest gem in existence. You can wear it in a jewel at all times and on any occasion, without fear, as it resists shocks well and also chemicals.

Anyway from Roosik & Co we recommend that you take care of your jewelry. Use warm soapy water and a soft brush (or damp handkerchief) to remove impurities or grease from daily use.

You can also take your jewel to our workshop and we will leave it radiant like the first day and at no cost.




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