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A jewel to please a person who loves pure lines and the elegance of simplicity.

Sometimes it is thought that a solitaire ring will please everyone. It is a jewel of great symbolism and only this justifies the excitement it makes when it's given, but precisely because of its symbolism, it is a ring that in most cases will always be worn. That’s why it’s so important that the solitaire fits the tastes and style of the person wearing it, and even their personality. In Roosik & Co. we are very aware of this reality and that is why there are very different solitaires. A person who generally has a minimalist style will like the solitaire from Roosik & Co’s Eternal collection. In this ring, apart from the stylized line of the metal, the nailing of a 0.25 carat diamond stands out, so that the stone does not protrude from the line of the ring and thus is perfectly integrated into the frame, and composes a piece of great harmony and discretion which, on the other hand, preserves the symbolism of every solitaire unaltered. 
Roosik & Co

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