Is there a more romantic place than a beech forest in the fall? The colors make a perfect setting for a couple's walk.

The Fageda d'en Jordà is one of the 28 nature reserves in the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of Girona (La Garrotxa). As the name suggests, it is a beech forest that, exceptionally, grew on the lava flow of the Croscat volcano. It is important to visit the Croscat, but the charm of the beech forest makes it a very suitable place to enjoy a walk with the couple. The beauty of this forest is also very remarkable in spring, but it is in autumn when the range of colors it displays gives it the most enchanting charm: ocher, reddish, yellowish… Inside the forest the tranquility is absolute because wheeled traffic is prohibited. There are several more or less long itineraries, so we can choose the one that best suits our tastes. And enjoy a peaceful walk, in an ideal space to talk, to share thoughts and desires, to escape from everything that worries us or simply to experience nature as a couple.


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