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Heptabike for Qhubeka: Jewellery and Solidarity

Life-changing solidarity jewels

We're very keen on cycling at Roosik & Co; in fact, we cycle every day once we leave the workshop - it's one of our passions!


So we loved the suggestion made by Qhubeka Charity to make some special solidarity jewellery with a bicycle motif that would help make life easier for a lot of people.

Jordi Rosich, Roosik & Co's jeweller and designer, immediately came up with several ideas for different pieces, the final choice being a gold pendant with wheels in the shape of a heptagon. The heptagon is the geometric shape Jordi most identifies with because it is a clean and minimalistic shape.

But what attracted him most about making this piece with geometric wheels was the fact that heptagons are incredibly lucky: they have 7 sides and 7 is a magic number par excellence. It's worth this jewellery travelling kilometres and kilometres with such magical, lucky wheels, don't you think?

The bicycles are handmade using traditional techniques at the Roosik & Co workshop. They're available in white, pink and yellow gold so that each person can travel with the bicycle they most identify with. The pieces can also be made with triple excellent diamonds, capable of reflecting 99% of the light that penetrates them: you'll be the brightest, most brilliant person in the city!

The proceeds from each bicycle will be donated to Qhubeka Charity. Would you like to go for a spin with these gold bicycles?


Qhubeka Charity

Qhubeka is a South African non-profit organization that donates bicycles as part of the World Bicycle Relief solidarity program in South Africa.

Bicycles that move lives

For many people, bicycles are not just a means of transportation, they are tools that help them travel faster and farther.

This means they can get to where they need to go and do difficult things that without transportation would be impossible: look for supplies like water and food, travel to school or work, visit a clinic, or seek help in an emergency after a disaster.

"A bicycle moves lives"

Qhubeka, with its fundraising programs, has managed to supply more than 90,000 bicycles. Many people now enjoy an easier life.

For our part, we could not be happier to participate in this initiative.

Where can you find the "Heptabike for Qhubeka"? 

These bikes have been designed and created with great care and exclusively for Qhubeka, so they can only be found at Roosik & Co's physical shop in Girona, and at the online store.

Here are all the details about the solidarity pendants:

White gold pendant Heptabike for Qhubeka

Yellow gold pendant Heptabike for Qhubeka

Rose gold pendant Heptabike for Qhubeka

Yellow gold bracelet Heptabike for Qhubeka

Ask us for more information about Heptabike at and remember your time in the city forever!

Roosik & Co

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