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No gem has such a wide range of colors such as the tourmaline: pink, red, yellow, blue, violet, black, multicolored, or even colorless. Dutch people introduced tourmalines to Europe. They imported them in 1703 from Ceylon to the Republic of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka people called it touramalli, which means “mixed colors stone”. People have always felt attracted by this stone which is related to extraordinary properties. It is a gem of a great mineral complexity and it is known with different names according to its color: verdelita (green), rubella (pink, red or violet), dravita (yellow) or siberita (violet blue), among others .

Turmalines de colors variats: grocs, verds, rosats, vermellosos... de gran bellesa per elaborar les peces de joieria dissenyades per Jordi Rosich

Tourmaline jewelry from Roosik&Co designed by Jordi Rosich here