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Solidarity bracelet with Oncolliga Girona

Roosik & Co and Oncolliga Girona create this solidarity bracelet together to raise funds and improve the living conditions of cancer patients.

A jewel with the heart and strength of a ruby

If you're from Girona and you're a sports lover, you've probably put on your running shoes a few days ago and ran for miles on the Oncotrail , enjoying a unique and exciting experience with your group of friends or friends. Or, perhaps, you are more into cycling and have been training for days with your colleagues to do the 120km (or 225km!) of the Oncogravel .

In fact, Jordi Rosich and his team are already looking forward to participating in this sporting and charitable challenge on wheels this November 4.

Oncogravel from Oncolliga Girona · Jordi Rosich and Roosik & Co


You know that both the Oncotrail and the Oncogravel are races promoted by the Fundació Oncolliga Girona with the aim of raising funds to help improve the living conditions of those affected by cancer: physiotherapist services, psychological services, lymphatic drainage , wig bank...

And since solidarity inspires and very often goes hand in hand with creativity... Another solidarity initiative has emerged from the participation in this race. Yes, Roosik & Co and the Fundació Oncolliga Girona have created a solidarity bracelet together to help raise funds for the organization.

Oncolliga solidarity bracelet with ruby ​​and 18k yellow gold

It is a piece of jewelry inspired by its logo and its values. Look at it, there are four elements, one red and three gold, just like the bracelet designed by Jordi.

Oncolliga Girona logos for Roosik solidarity bracelet collaboration

The president of Oncolliga Girona , Paqui Badosa, explained to us during a nice meeting at Roosik Studio that the person in red symbolizes the person affected by the disease and that the three people in gold are those friends, family and colleagues who support him and that accompany him throughout this process.

Jordi Rosich came to the conclusion that what better than a ruby ​​at the same time to express this strength and vigor of fighting people.

Did you know that ruby ​​is the strongest gemstone after diamond ? It is worth saying that even in ancient times, warriors embedded rubies in their hearts to protect themselves and entrust themselves with their strength!

Bracelet against cancer · Oncolliga Girona and Roosik & Co

Three 18k yellow gold heptagons accompany this ruby, as do family and friends, who bring warmth and warmth. We're sure that, in addition, the magic of seven will give you that much-needed touch of optimism.

It is worth saying that the ruby ​​that shines in this bracelet is not just any ruby, it is a natural ruby, with a beauty and optical properties as unique in nature as every person in the world, and the gold with which it has been worked is pure and 100% recycled to avoid extracting it from the mines.

We wholeheartedly believe that you will always love to carry this solidarity bracelet with a ruby ​​with you or give it to a loved one.

Special Edition solidarity bracelet

All profits obtained from the sale of each solidarity bracelet go to Fundació Oncolliga Girona.

This is a special edition of 100 units , each one numbered. If you are excited to wear it with a specific number, write to us at and we will reserve it for you.

You can see it here:

Solidarity bracelet with Oncolliga Girona

See you soon!

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