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The Gascons brothers are a winning tandem in one of the great restaurants in Girona that also has an indescribable charm.


In 1978, when the restaurant Els Tinars opened on the road to Sant Feliu and Platja d’Aro -where it still stands today- there were long queues on summer Sundays. Els Tinars -or Can Gascons, as it was popularly known in the area-, was already a restaurant that did very well at the time.

Now Marc Gascons is in charge of the kitchen, while his sister, Elena, takes care of the room with the same professionalism as their parents, who opened the doors of the current restaurant. In fact, they were the grandparents who started in the world of catering, and so Marc and Elena are the third generation to live the world of gastronomy with enthusiasm.

Marc Gascons has managed to find a true tightrope walker between the cuisine of tradition and the creativity that prevails in the 21st century stove, and has given birth to a cuisine with "the taste of tradition" that convinces supporters of both styles. With the menu in front of you, you don’t know whether to opt for traditional cuisine, or for Marc’s renewed proposals; any choice will be a hit!

In the restaurant room, Elena moves with the same welcoming sincerity of the interior design. Els Tinars has that fortune in decoration that makes you feel good in a place without knowing why, a harmonious space without stridency, which is at once kind and select, affable and distinguished.

Today, that road has become a fast motorway that leads traffic from Barcelona and Girona to the Costa Brava center, and the restaurant is still a spectator of this ups and downs, incessant especially on weekends and summer months. Needless to say, on the way back and forth, it’s worth stopping at Els Tinars; but it is also worth going there expressly. It is an ideal context for a special moment, for a lunch with the jewel of noon or a dinner with the complicity of the night.


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