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Some tips for making the right choice of the appropriate ring.


There's no perfect ring, but there's a suitable ring for every person. In any selection process were there is a wide ride of options we are overwhelmed and don't know what to do: do we opt for a classic? or on the contrary, do we let ourselves be seduced by the most current trendings?

The same thing happens with jewlery, and when we have to choose a ring the alternatives are many and varied: white gold or platinum, diamonds or colored gems, sobriety or exuberance, contemporary design or classic lines... They are all beautiful, they are all exciting!

There's no absolute answer to the question which is the best?, but there are answers for each particular case. And when it comes to choosing, the key is not to get carried away by impulsiveness and analyze the questions: for whom is this ring and what do I want to say with this ring?

A jewel is like a dress or like a complement: it must suit the person who will wear it, it must be integrated in his image and it must fit well in his lifstyle. And, what's more, a jewel has to communicate everithing we want to transmit by giving it.

Luckily, the diversity of Roosik&Co.'s Eternal collection is wide and there are rings for all requirements: comfortable rings to wear every day, unique rings to shine on special occasions, sophisticatedly elegant rings, minimalist and at the same time expressive rings, romantic rings for big dreamers, rings with groundbreaking designs and evocatively classic rings…

Slim, Crown, Hug, Open, Romanticism, Lilium, Vintage… which is the best for her?



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