Creation Process: the jewels of Sant Jordi

Saint George is approaching, one of the most beautiful festivals on the calendar. As you know, from Roosik & Co we like to celebrate by creating a small collection of jewelry inspired by nature and flowers.
You will be able to see them soon. In the meantime, we spoke to Jordi Rosich to find out why they will be so special.
Now we tell you!

Jordi Rosich, jeweler and designer of Roosik & Co

 – Hello, Jordi, we know that what you like most about your job is designing!
Jordi Rosich: Yes, in fact sometimes I have to slow down because I don’t have time to show all the pieces I make. It's funny when some customers say to me "oh, Jordi, is this jewel new?" and maybe I did it 2 years ago (laughs). But I can’t help it, I have a very high need to design and create, because doing so makes me very happy.
– Two new pieces are waiting for us for Sant Jordi. Do you like to celebrate this day?
Jordi Rosich: Saint George always evokes the memory of some magical days, when with the school we were taken to see the stalls full of books, people, flowers ... I wanted to transfer these childhood feelings into a jewel that would last in time.
–  In fact, you've been designing special pieces around these dates for a few years now...
Jordi Rosich: Yes, over the years I’ve come to realize that designing the “jewel of St. George” has become the starting point for designing the rest of that year’s jewelry! It is the jewel that marks the other Roosik & Co jewels of that season.

Jordi Rosich designs the Sant Jordi jewelry collection

– How was the process of creating these pieces?
Jordi Rosich: My creative process usually starts with the cut and polished gemstones on my table. In this case I wanted to go a little further. I wanted to work on a new collection of jewelry from the beginning, from the raw gem. So I asked for an organic, unpolished tourmaline stone from the earth.
– Is it common to have these raw stones?
Jordi Rosich: No, usually the stone suppliers offer you the cut stones, and I never saw what the gem was like.
– And from here...
Jordi Rosich: I made my first sketches while I waited for the stone to arrive. But when I had it in my hands ... Nothing I had drawn so far seemed to me to represent the beauty of that rough stone! So I redesigned the pieces from scratch. Having the gem in front of me was very inspiring.

Raw tourmaline for the jewelry of Sant Jordi of Roosik&Co

– How long did it take you to have this small collection ready?
Jordi Rosich: Months! I have been working on it since January.
– Why did you choose tourmaline as a gemstone protagonist of these jewels?
Jordi Rosich: Tourmaline has a great ability to penetrate and captivate you, you get lost looking at each and every one of its shades: pink, green, yellow ...! In fact, its name comes from Touramalli which means stone of mixed colors. I think this is the part that attracts me the most: seeing all this burst of color in a single mineral! (read more at: Precious Stones, Tourmaline).


What attracts me most about Tourmaline is to see in a single mineral all this burst of colors!


– In the Roosik & Co store you have a part of the raw tourmaline on display...
Jordi Rosich: Yes, tourmaline exfoliates imperfectly. When the rough stone reached me it was about 8 or 9 inches, and it cracked into two crystals. The longest is the one we cut to make these 44 colored gemstones mixed with antique carving. And the other one, we have it here.
I invite everyone who wants to come and see it, because you don't always have the opportunity to get closer to see the origin of a gem and how it ends up becoming a gem. I can tell you the details and the story behind it. Just ask for an appointment so you can have more time to visit them (book your visit here).

Process of creating the jewel of Sant Jordi: ring

– One of the peculiarities this year is that they will be able to personalize their piece...
Jordi Rosich: Yes, I want to share the process of creating this jewel with the wearer. You can customize your St. George's "rose" by choosing your favorite tourmaline from all 44 gemstones we've obtained. They all have different colors and shades!

I find it a beautiful way to get people involved in design and to get the jewelry to better express their personality.

– What colors have the precious stones come from?
Jordi Rosich: Roses, greens, turquoises, blues, champagne yellows, multicolors (roses-yellows-greens) ... We have about thirty roses, we only have two champagne or multicolors, and only one blue…!
– How do they have to choose it?
Jordi Rosich: They can come to the Roosik & Co store before April 10 and pick them live. And, if they can’t come to Girona, we can arrange a video call or write to us by chat or e-mail. We have ways to show them the gems in video and and in photos, we will try to make it an equally amazing experience :)

We will open the pre-booking on Monday 29 March, because we make all the jewels by hand here in the Girona workshop and we need a few days to work on them.


Jordi Rosich working on the jewel of Sant Jordi, a

– Finally, can you tell us what your favorite tourmaline color is? Which would you choose?
Jordi Rosich: My favorite is the green-blue one, because there are very few of them ... I am attracted by its rarity and beauty.
Thanks Jordi, we will be watching the arrival of "Touramalli Silk Rose".
Monday, March 29,
pre-reservation of the jewels of Saint George
on the web and Instagram @roosikandco.
  • With your joy, many surprises await you, which we will reveal to you soon…
  • You are invited to see raw tourmaline in the Roosik & Co store, a true treasure of nature:           
See you soon!


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