The Tourmaline

Tourmaline is one of the most popular gems thanks to the fact that it can acquire virtually any color of nature, from almost absolute transparency to opaque black, even presenting blends of very evocative colors.
Its name comes from the Cicada "Touramalli", which means "Stone of mixed colors", this explosion of colors has made it linked to people open in character or with artistic interests.
Do you think that tourmaline can be your gemstone?

"This is the part that attracts me the most: seeing a mineral with all this burst of color… Tourmaline has the ability to captivate you!"

The colorful versatility of tourmaline has been the source of multiple confusions with other gemstones. We have the example of the Spanish conquerors thinking that they had found emeralds in 16th century Brazil or the case of the famous "Ruby of Caesar" of the Russian imperial crown.
Although tourmalines have very distinctive characteristics, the main one would be their greater clarity, which helps to reflect light and produces the effect of being changing color depending on how you look at it, with a captivating and very suggestive variability.
It is the stone of the month of October and is believed to give confidence and courage - in blue or dark tones - or love and kindness - in lighter and pink tones. Can it be your special gem?

Jewelry care

It is a gem that is considered to be of adequate hardness for everyday use (7 / 7.5 on the Moh’s scale), although high temperatures can damage it. It can withstand chemicals well, but from Roosik & Co we recommend the use of warm water, soap and a soft brush for cleaning.




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