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Who would have told us, 10 years ago now, when we started this beautiful and exciting creative project, that the unique edition pieces of Roosik & Co's Unrepeatable collection would walk the runway during New York Fashion Week 2024 .

Even now, since we've been back from the big city for a few days, everything we've experienced seems like a dream.

We explain in detail how everything went and how our small and beloved jewelery store in Girona , located on the emblematic Rambla de la Llibertat, has flown over an ocean to walk the catwalks of the fashion capital together with emerging designers from around the world. Jordi Rosich of Roosik & Co jewelry in New York


Day 0. From Girona to... NY.

We get up early and very excited to go to the airport. We leave Barcelona. We are accompanied by Mariona, Jordi Rosich's wife, who with the camera around her neck all day will become your (and our!) eyes during these days. By the way, did you know that Jordi proposed to her 9 years ago now in a small and romantic apartment in the Soho neighborhood? What memories to bring back together.

Roosik & Co jewelry in New York

Day 1. The arrival

We arrived in the city very hungry and very jetlagged . Let's go buy a burger at Burger Joint , a hidden wonder inside a hotel on 6th Ave. They say it's the best burger joint in New York. Hard to try them all in so few days, but this one was spectacular. Roosik approved 🙂

Day 2. Inspiration Mode On

We love the energy of the city of skyscrapers.

Roosik & Co at the News bar in New York

We take the opportunity to taste at beautiful establishments such as the NewsBar, visit art galleries and also go to the barber! Everyone is very dressed up and we want to dress up for the parade that will take place in a few days.

Jordi Rosich at the barbershop in New York

Day 3. Essential visit: the Moma

We have walked a lot and our feet hurt. We even had to buy new shoes. Sitting for so many hours in the workshop takes its toll 🙂 Luckily, we found a terrace with very good views where we were able to rest.

Roosik at Moma in New York

MOMA, The Museum of Modern Art, is amazing and very inspiring. have you been there

Roosik & Co at the Moma exhibition in New York

There are usually many good books on art, architecture and design in the Museum shops... We love to stop and gossip.

Roosik & Co jewelry at Moma in New York

Day 4. The Welcome

We begin to perceive more and more the atmosphere generated by Fashion Week. And they invite us to the welcome event along with the other designers.

Roosik & Co at Flying Solo Welcome's New York

Once there they tell us that in a few days we will be parading! They also tell us that they will interview us to explain our origins and what inspired us to create the Unrepeatable collection . We are nervous, this camera thing always commands respect.

Day 5. The Fitting Day

One of the most exciting days of the entire trip. Today is Fitting Day . That's when everything starts to take shape. The fashion designers, along with the jewelry , shoe and bag designers, are coming together to create the looks that will be paraded on February 11, 2024, during Fashion Week.

Fitting Day Roosik & Co at New York Fashion Week

The stylists think and work fast, and we are immediately called to pair up with Teresa, the creative director and designer of @wear.ila, with whom we will share the catwalk. Her handmade dresses are sweet and warm just like her.

Jordi Rosich and Teresa de Wear Ila in New York

It's wonderful to feel the energy of so many people working together with the common goal that we all shine together on parade day. From today we take a lot of magic, energy, inspiration and creativity.

Here we are more aware than ever that without you we would not be living this unique moment. Thanks. Tomorrow we parade together, you and us, Roosik and "&Co".

Hepta Drop Earrings at New York Fashion Week

By the way, these days the city is overflowing with journalists, photographers, celebrities and creative directors of big names in the fashion sector such as Gucci or Yves Saint Laurent. It's nice to be able to live it!

Roosik & Co at New York Fashion Week Influencers

Day 6. On the Catwalk!

The big day is coming.

We head to the 14th floor of the Starret-Lehigh Building. impress

We are very, very excited and at the same time nervous, of course.

It's a day where there are a lot of people everywhere: models, photographers, stylists, fashion designers, jewelry, bags, shoes... You can feel chaos and agitation and at the same time a lot of professionalism. Everyone has a common goal, that everything turns out perfect, and it's amazing to be a part of it.

Unique jewelry from Roosik & Co at New York Fashion Week

Flawless models begin to parade in our pieces. They look beautiful, they and our pieces lighting up Teresa's dresses.

Roosik & Co New York catwalk jewelry store

We've met some fantastic people these days and we've lost our stage fright. We even had to "parade" in our own way when they introduced us!

Jordi Rosich in New York · Fashion Week 2024

And we also had the luxury of being interviewed by Elle magazine from the United States.

Interview Jordi Rosich for Elle USA magazine

By the way, we designed a gold and diamond pin for the occasion, it's exciting when we look at it now in the photos or in the videos of the Big Day. It will be a memory forever.

Gold and diamond pin by Roosik & Co

Day 7. Heavy snowfall and back

We stay in the city for a day to recover from so many emotions. It's snowing impressively and we had our doubts as to whether the flight would continue... Finally, everything went according to plan. Let's go back!

Jordi Rosich and Mariona Falcó at Fashion Week 2024 New York

How did our jewelry from Girona come to New York?

Flying Solo contacted us a few months ago now. They are the ones in charge of selecting emerging talents and designers from all over, of offering us an exhibition space in the city taking advantage of New York Fashion Week and of giving us the opportunity to show in one of the most important catwalks in the world, alongside recognized designers in the sector such as Gucci or Yves Saint Laurent.

Jordi Rosich, Roosik&Co designer at Fashion Week 2024 in New York

Personal note from Jordi Rosich

These days have been very beautiful and also very intense emotionally. We also went through a lot of nerves. Consider that we were selected and notified in November and we had practically no time to organize everything, bearing in mind that Christmas was in the middle and it is our busiest time.

We have encountered situations that were the first time we had experienced, for example, like taking so many jewels to the other continent... And it has required a lot of time, papers and logistics. And as for the day of the parade, we were happy, and so much!, but also careful not to lose any jewels once the models changed their clothes in a few seconds. It's okay to explain everything.

Model wearing Roosik & Co jewelry in New York

What we do know is that this trip has helped us to stop and think about how lucky we are to have you.

Thank you for being our "&Co". Thank you for everything and so much.

We look forward to seeing you again and to continue working with enthusiasm.

See you soon!

If you want to see more images, you can find them in the highlights of our instagram @roosikandco

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