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What color is your summer? Download the Journal de Mar.

Are you one of those people who wrote a personal diary as a child? Did you love collecting stones, leaves or sea shells?
Since this is a different and special summer, I propose a game. How about we take up this hobby from years ago and start a holiday diary? This is a Journal de Mar. Now let me tell you the idea.
For now, you can download it here: JOURNAL DE MAR

What is the JOURNAL DE MAR?
This is a very special personal diary. Whenever you go to the beach or a walk by the sea, pay close attention to the color of the water, the sky, and the sand.
Then consult the color reference guide (which you will find in the downloadable) which tone is most similar to the color of your sea day.

Maybe the water is the color of aquamarine or blue topaz and sapphires. Is your sand the color of citrine or diamonds?

How does the Journal de Mar work?
Once you've found the tone of your sea, sky, and sand in the Color Guide, write down the references. And when a few days pass, analyze them. What colors predominate?

With the result, I propose another idea. Would you like to create a jewelry with these colors? That way you'll have a great memory of this summer.

What jewelry could you customize?
You can customize any of the jewelry you find in the Roosik & Co collections by changing the color of the gold or gemstones.

However, I recommend the following pieces because they can be very playful: 
1/ Blossom Bouquet rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings
The jewels in the Blossom collection with colored gemstones lend themselves very well to what we personalize them with the shades of your summer. For example, in the Bouquet jewels, you could put the 3 precious stones of the same color: three topazes blue "Sky", blue sky.
We can preserve diamonds if they evoke the reflections of the sea and the sun. If not, we could also put small colored stones: what do you think of some pink sapphires? Like the rocks of your favorite beach

The color of the gold will also influence the final result. Yellow gold and rose gold will bring warmth to your jewelry. White gold will give you freshness and shine.
2/ Open rings with precious stones: Blossik
The Blossik rings from the Heptasik collection are also ideal for playing with the colors of gemstones.
You can choose four different colors of the main stone: pink (rose quartz), yellow (citrine), green (peridot) and blue (topaz). And from there, get inspired by your summer. Round gemstones can all be the same color or varied.
If sunsets, and sweet, refreshing ice cream predominate these days, imagine this combination: The main stone could be pink quartz, and you could combine it with orange-colored stones - such as citrines, yellow sapphires or tourmalines -, pink - pink sapphires or quartz - and white - diamonds.

The truth is, your summer can be more fun than you think!
3/Rings with big gemstones: Blossom Dégradés
I work these rings in 3 different combinations, maybe some of them already fit your summer color palette.

One is warmer, reddish, orange and pink tones. You'll love these gems together: garnet, citrine and rose quartz. See Dégradés Drupe Ring

The other is floral and crystalline, thanks to a Sky topaz, a splendid pink peridot and quartz. See Dégradés Meadow Ring
And the third is inspired by the sea, with natural topazes in different shades of blue: Sky, Swiss and London. See Dégradés Sea Ring
4 / Gold rings with a single gemstone: Glow
Maybe your summer has a bright color, and you want it to be just the right color for your summer jewelry. In this case, I recommend Blossom Glow or Blossom HeptaCrown jewelry because the gemstone is spectacular and unique at the same time.
Hexagonal cut stones can only be found at Roosik & Co, as I have specially designed them to create these collections.

Start your journal: Journal de Mar.

Start your diary today and fill it with colorful memories of those days. Download it here and you tell me:
Can I help you design your summer jewelry?
When you have completed your Journal, contact me and I will help you design your ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings for summer 2020. We can do it virtually from or you can book yours here appointment: Atelier Roosik & Co Atelier Roosik & Co
I'm sure that you'll design a spectacular jewel!

 I can only wish you a happy holiday with your family and friends. Enjoy these long days of light and sunshine.

See you soon!

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