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How to combine your gold bracelets? 3 ways "Style & Co"

Warm, Creative, UnforgettableThe short sleeves, the tank tops, the fresh and flowing outfits… With the arrival of summer, our dolls are once again the protagonists. Take the opportunity to dress them and color them with gemstones in cheerful and fruity tones or small diamonds!  

If you don't know how to combine different pieces, keep reading, because right now we will help you master the art of layering! That is, we will give you ideas on how to superimpose bracelets of different styles because they express your personality, your mood or because a basic outfit becomes fun, sophisticated or daring.

In addition, with layering you can give a second life to the gold bracelets that you already have in your jewelry box.


Style & Co: How to combine gold bracelets?


1. The Strawberry Combo

Fun, sweet, sexy

Sapphires, tourmalines, spinels ... If you are a lover of pink gemstones, this combination will be a dream for you. The fact is that the Leaf bracelet in magenta garnet and the Pink bracelet with three pink sapphires create a harmonious, fruity and fun set that will contrast and bring joy to your wrists.



Leaf Bracelet · Granat


To finish off your layering, we recommend that you also add a smooth gold bracelet that has symbolic value for you.


In this case, Judit is wearing the Fragment ME bracelet. If you notice, it is one half of the iconic Roosik & Co. heptagon. Offer the other part (the Fragment YOU bracelet) to your loved one, because when you are together you can make the complete figure look.


Fragment ME Bracelet · Yellow Gold


2. The Classy Combo

Brilliant, sophisticated, exceptional

If what you are looking for is to add a touch of elegance to a more informal look, we suggest that you incorporate jewelry such as white gold bracelets with diamonds into your outfits. It will be a success!

In the “Classy Combo” you cannot miss the Diamond bracelet, it is one of your favorite jewels. It has become a must for your jewelers because it is subtle and discreet and very easy to combine with other pieces. Notice how the small 0.05 carat diamond stands out, it is of exceptional luminosity.


Diamond Bracelet · White Gold


Try wearing it together with the Line and Diamond Eye bracelets, the set will give off a lot of personality, harmony and cohesion. These two bracelets are exclusive pieces that we only have in our store in Girona, come and see us, we will love to combine them with you.


Eye Bracelet

Line Bracelet


 3. The One and Only Combo

Warm, Creative, Unforgettable


The pure and geometric shape of the One bracelet adds a bold and contemporary touch to your style. As well as combining it with other bracelets, we suggest you add a touch of color. Gemstone jewelry brings freshness, express yourself with brushstrokes of your favorite color and make a difference!


One Bracelet · Yellow Gold


Our proposal: the One heptagonal gold bracelet and the Aqua bracelet with 3 natural aquamarines;) It will seem that you carry the sun and the sea in your hands ...


Aqua III Bracelet · Aquamarine


We hope you liked these tips on how to combine your gold bracelets. Our final recommendation is that… It is summer, and not just any summer! So let yourself be seduced by the color and fantasy of the precious stones and you will give an exceptional touch to your outfits.

Here you will find the Roosik & Co bracelets so you can make your own combinations, and we encourage you to follow us on our Instagram, if you want more inspiration. 

See you soon!



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