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Hoop Earrings: Which ones are your favorites?

We love hoop earrings, and you?


Hoop earrings are one of the most iconic pieces of any jeweler. Thanks to their minimalist aesthetics they are always a trend because they never go out of style and their variants are endless: in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, with precious stones, with diamonds or smooth!

It is a jewel that adapts to all tastes and requirements, they are very easy to wear on any occasion and give life to your clothes. In addition, these types of earrings have a gift: elegance and finesse are combined with a casual and fresh air.

How are your ideal hoop earrings? Study them well and find out which ones are your favorites!

Mini gold hoop earrings with diamonds or smoth

Approximate diameter: 1 cm

▸ These types of "mini" hoop earrings are very popular due to the influence and popularity of multiple piercings.

▸ They are very versatile: portable for everyday use and also for special occasions.

▸ They work very well combined with the earrings you usually wear, such as solitary brilliant diamonds or other hoops.

▸ You will find them in different shapes, cylindrical or... heptagonal, for a more rock and unique touch.

▸ If you want to bring even more luminosity to your face, choose them with diamonds!

 Hoop Earrings One · in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold

See One Diamond Hoop Earrings

See Magnetik Hoop Earrings

See Eternal Cuff Hoop Earrings  · in yellow gold and diamonds

See Eternal Band Hoop Earrings · in white gold and diamonds


Medium gold hoop earrings with precious stones

Approximate diameter: 3,5 cm

▸ Very versatile and portable.

▸ They bring freshness and delicacy to the face.

▸ Although hoops are a basic piece, pay attention to the small details that make them unique: a set of subtle gemstones, a small hanging heptagon, an open hoop…

▸ You will capture all eyes thanks to these differentiating elements in the design and color provided by the precious stones.

▸ Tip: Choose your favorite gemstone to always carry in your earrings, so the piece will be even more a reflection of your personality. Are you more of pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, green sapphires, blue sapphires or pink sapphires?

See Metrik Hoop Earrings · in yellow gold and green tourmaline

See Swing Hoop Earrings · in yellow gold and pink tourmaline

See Bunch Earrings · in yellow gold and green sapphire


Medium gold hoop earrings with diamonds

Aproximate diameter: 3,5 cm

See Hoop Earrings with Diamond

▸ Elegant, fine, with natural charm.

▸ Incredibly brilliant: the whiteness of white gold added to the luminosity of Roosik&Co diamonds with triple excellence, capable of reflecting 99.9% of the light that enters it.

▸ Yes, they are also very portable for everyday use thanks to the discretion and finesse of the hoops.

▸ It is a jewel that will last forever, all your life and on all occasions, as it has the right point of classicism and modernity.

▸ The fence is integrated in the hoop so that you are calmer.

And now that you're an expert on this type of earrings, can you tell us which ones are your favorites? What would you have in your jeweler?

Contact us, we would love to hear your opinion or suggestions on hoop earrings, also called Creole earrings.

Who knows, maybe Jordi Rosich, jeweler and designer of Roosik&Co is inspired by you to make a new interpretation of this classic of jewelry. The hoops are always wearable, always minimalist, always… shiny!

We invite you to discover the rest of the earrings and designs in the collections here: gold earrings

See you soon!



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