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Give the engagement ring in a special way.


You've mede up your mind. You want to propose to your loved one and now you just have to think about how to give her the engagement ring in a special way that she will remember for her lifetime. From Roosik&Co. we also want to help you at this stage and give you some ideas. We listen to the original, cretaive and romantic marriage proposals of our clients every day and they always surprise us.

The first thing we want to give you is peace of mind. Enjoy this experience. Nobody will demand you to become a great event organizer because you already have the most important thing: you, your partner and the engagement ring. 

What we recommend in the second place is to always have the person you love in your mind. It seems obvious, but there are so many ways to propose that it's easy to get disoriented in the process. How is her? What does she like? What would meke her very happy? Each person is unique, therefore, the moment of asking for marriage will be too. 

In third place, you should consider if you prefer the moment of offering the ring to be public or intimate. To help you, you can go back to the previous point: what does she like? is she shy? will she feel comfortable receiving the jewel and the porposal in public? Or, on the contrary, will she enjoy being the center of attention in the midst of friends and family? If she is on of those who's not shy, you can consider giving her the engagement ring during a game of her favorite team, during a movie night or when she celebrates her birthday party...

Fourth. If you find it difficult to express yourself in words, it can be very helpful to accompany you with music. Who knows if, walking through the city, you stop in front of some stairs. You propose to sit down for a while to observe the environment. A middle-aged man with a guitar comes up to you and sits on the same steps. He starts to play. It's like... Like he's just playing for you. While your partner enjoys the moment, you take the box out of your pocket, you open it carefully and you offer him the engagement ring. You can always choose if you want or not to confess that the beautiful musical incident has been prepared by you. 
Fifthly we want to tell you that the vacations are usually good times to propose mariage: Menorca, New York, Iceland... In this case, we advise you to prepare the moment in advance, surely looking on Internet or in the travel guide if you find a suitable place to ask for spend your life together. How about Central Park to ask marriage or The most beautiful hotel in the world?

By the way, don't suffer at the time of wearing the ring and passing through the security arches: the alarms don't go off and your partner won't discover you ahead of time. We advise you to hide the box well in your suitcase and keep the ring in your pocket. This way you will have it controlled and very close, in case there's a problem with the luggage. 

All the anecdotes that we've explained to you are real, fruit of the imagination and the know-how of our clients. We hope they've inspired you. If you want to tell us your story, we would be very excited. You can send it to us at



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