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Topaz is historically one of the most valued stones. Its name comes from Zebirget Island, in the Red Sea (the old island of Topazos). La seva alta refracció de la llum, li confereix una gran brillantor que es trasllada a qui la llueix. It is a stone with a very hight light refraction, that gives brightness to the wearer. Yellow, brown, orange, pink, red, blue… We can find topaz in a wide range of colors depending on the variation of iron and chromium in their chemical composition. Their tones are soft. The most frequent are the yellow ones and also the roses, the most prized ones. Topaz is renowned for its ability to grow huge gem-quality crystals. In 1965, a 100kg topaz was found in Ukraine.

Tres topazis blaus, sky, london, i swiss, per a crear peces de joieria de gran bellesa

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