The perfect couple

To choose the right ring for you, Jordi Rosich, founder of ROOSIK&CO, suggests that couples should look at the following aspects to select a piece of jewellery with a unique design that lasts forever.



The quality of the noble materials used. Wedding rings are worn every day and accompany the couple throughout their marriage. Gold, platinum and diamonds must all be top quality, without any impurities, to ensure the ring shines as brightly as possible and lasts a long time.



Every couple has their own personality and preferences and these characteristics can also be reflected in the design of their wedding rings. There is a wide range of options:

  • Material and color: white gold, yellow gold o rose gold and platinum.
  • Shape: round, squarecurves or with irregular shapes.
  • Width: thin, medium, thick . In the wedding bands case, it is better to choose medium or thick width.
  • With or without diamonds. In the feminine version, a diamond or group of diamonds can also be added to give it extra brilliance.
  • Are the two rings going to be the same or different? Wedding rings can be created in pairs, with the same design. Although there’s a growing trend for choosing different wedding rings.
  • Matte finish or bright.
  • Customized. The imagination of couples can be transferred to the jewels, in a unique and personal design, thanks to the savoir-faire of Jordi Rosich.
The perfect couple


With all the stress and preparations for the wedding, future brides and grooms often lose weight and one of the first parts of the body to slim down are the fingers.



The names of the bride and groom are often engraved on the rings (his name is normally engraved on her ring and her name on his), or perhaps initials or the date of the wedding.


The perfect couple


Warranty and quality. 

Wedding rings should always shine like they did on the wedding day. We like to make sure this is the case and offer an additional service to maintain a couple’s wedding rings forever.


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