Núria Valley for a compromise

Imma is a wedding planner and only has a few Saturdays free in summer to share with Pere.  So, when she found out she was free on July 14, the couple immediately booked something they could do together.

Pere volunteered to organise the trip! It would be a surprise for Imma and she was delighted not to know where they were going or what they were doing. He wanted to find a very special place to spend the weekend because he had another agenda, apart from going for walks and relaxing…

The Núria Valley, with its deep dark greens and beautiful lakes and streams, as well as paths that lead right up into the sky, was the perfect setting for what Pere had in mind. And mid-summer the valley looked majestic.

The first day they made it to the top of Puigmal mountain with its broad, rounded summit. As they walked side by side, Pere told Imma that, apparently, those couples who managed to reach the very top of the peak were blessed with Eternal Love… On the way back, they decided it would be a good idea to take a romantic trip on one of the boats on the Imma the engagement ring. And she said “Yes”; yes to everlasting love!


A real story lived by Imma and Pere in the Núria Valley (Girona), in July 2018.