Active, sporty <br>and very lively

He dashed out of the house. After weeks of unending drought, at last it had started to rain – and non-stop. He would’ve preferred brilliant sunshine to go with his mood. He’d decided to give her the ring that very afternoon and they’d arranged to go to the match. It would be a fun afternoon, sharing the excitement of the game and celebrating the win together – or commiserating with each other over the loss, discussing the high points. Marta liked sport. She’d go running after work and never missed a match when her team was playing. How many evenings they’d enjoyed together in front of the TV! He’d finally decided to take the plunge and what better way than to enjoy a basketball match together on that very special day. Their shared experience should definitely prepare the ground well. If the team lost, he’d wait till dinner to give it to her; but if they won, the best thing would be to ask her to marry him right there, in the stadium. She’d like the ring, he was absolutely sure of that, because he was like her: easygoing, basic and decent. That day, the team backed him up: they won easily and Marta accepted his proposal at the Palau Blaugrana stadium.