A solitaire <br> for minimalists

A piece of jewellery to delight someone who loves pure lines and the elegance of simplicity.
We sometimes think that everyone loves a solitaire. It’s a highly symbolic piece of jewellery that warrants the delight shown on receiving it as a gift but, precisely because of its symbolism, in most cases it’s a ring that’s never taken off. That’s why it’s very important for a solitaire to match the taste and style of the person wearing it, and even their personality. At Roosik&Co. we’re only too aware of this and that’s why we design a whole range of different solitaires. For someone who’s minimalist in style, they’ll love the solitaire from Roosik&Co.’s Eternal collection. Apart from the stylised design of the metal, this ring also has a special setting for the 0.25 carat diamond, ensuring the stone doesn’t rise above the line of the ring and is perfectly integrated within the setting, creating a piece of great harmony and discretion while also preserving all the symbolism of a solitaire.