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Spinel is an important gemstone in its own right and it is found in an array of colors that make it very desirable: deep reds,  pastel reds, yellows, browns, greens, blues, purples, mauves, violets… However, spinel is somewhat overshadowed by ruby and sapphire. What’s the difference between spinel and ruby? We found the difference in its refraction: singly refractive for spinel, and double refractive for ruby (so, the light rays are refracted better in rubys than in spinels). Anecdotally, the “Black Princes’s Ruby” set in the English Crown Jewels it is, in fact, a spinel! It is a gemstone with vitreous or glassy lustre. It is hard, 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The largest Spinels ever discovered equal 520 ct each, and they currently are on display in the British Museum of London.

espineles de colors pedres precioses Roosik

Spinel jewellery by Jordi Rosich from Roosik&Co here.