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Sapphire is considered one of the most important and beautiful gems in the world. It is known for its characteristic blue color, resulting from the mixture of aluminum, iron and titanium oxides. This gem belongs to the corundum’s family and it is known as the blue sister of Ruby. We can find sapphires in a huge variety of shades (but they are less usual): roses, oranges, yellows, greens, violets, black and colorless. Large sapphires are rare and those found are given their own names, just like the most famous diamonds. Thus, in New York, we can find the “Star of India”, the largest star shaped sapphire carved with 536 karat or the “Star of the Midnight”, a black star sapphire of 116 karat.

Safirs multicolors: blaus, roses, verds, utilitzades en la creació artesanal de joies per Jordi Rosich a Girona

You can see all the pieces created by Jordi Rosich with blue sapphires, and also roses and greens sapphires, here.