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Quartz Mum | Fumée

Mum, you are a like a quartz fumée.

Because you are elegant and sophisticated, like this precious gemstone.

Elegant, restrained tones of brown or grey are typical of smoky quartz, a variety of one of the most abundant minerals on the planet’s surface. Among the historical uses of this gemstone it’s curious to note that traditional Scottish kilts used to be fastened with pins adorned with smoky quartz. In fact, smoky quartz has only started to be used in jewellery fairly recently although it has many possibilities as a gemstone, adding a touch of refinement and sophistication to any piece of jewellery.

International Mother’s Day

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Are you a citrine, quartz, topaz or amethyst mum? 

Citrine Mum

Quartz Mum Rose

Quartz Mum Fumée

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Amethyst Mum Purple 

Topaz Mum