Zoom Stellar Ring · Tourmaline
Zoom Stellar Ring · Tourmaline
Zoom Stellar Ring · Tourmaline
Zoom Stellar Ring · Tourmaline
Zoom Stellar Ring · Tourmaline
Zoom Stellar Ring · Tourmaline

Stellar Ring · Tourmaline

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  • Handmade and handcrafted ring
  • 18K white and yellow gold
  • 1 natural Tourmaline: 
    • Cushion-cut
    • Total Weight: 6,49ct
    • Color Pink
    • Clarity: typical natural tourmaline inclusions
  • 114 natural Sapphires: 
    • Brilliant and oval-cut
    • Total Weight: 4,10ct
    • Color: blue, green, pink and orange
    • Clarity: Clean
  • 16 natural Emeralds: 
    • Round-cut
    • Total Weight: 0,15ct
    • Color Green
    • Clarity: typical emerald inclusions
  • 30 Natural Diamonds: 
    • Brilliant-cut
    • Total Weight: 0,30ct
    • Color E
    • Clarity VVS1
    • Triple excellence (cut, symmetry and polish)

The Stellar ring is an amazing univers of colorful gemstones connected to each other. Colorful sapphires and diamonds evolve and constrast beautifully with an spectacular natural 6,49 ct pink Tourmaline, the indisputable centre of attention in this composition. The ring made in 18 carat yellow gold, evokes a natural sinuous branch, that blooms in a delicate emerald and pink sapphire flower. The details and singularity of the design makes the Stellar ring one of the most exclusives jewels of Roosik & Co.

Ref: A19.B2.M.OG


    UE SPAIN Diameter
    50 10 15.9 mm
    51 11 16.2 mm
    52 12 16.5 mm
    53 13 16.8 mm
    54 14 17.1 mm
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    Most of our bracelets are adjustable and therefore can be adapted well to different wrist sizes. With necklaces, on the other hand, size is an aesthetic issue that depends on each person’s neck size. We recommend you look at our guide for more information:
    When you receive your jewel you will see that everything is thought out with great care and detail for you:
    • The boxes where we present it to you are made in Barcelona, with recycled and recyclable materials... Without plastic!
    • We attach the certificate of authenticity of the diamonds or gems, where you can check their quality, origin and characteristics.
    • You will also receive some cards as the piece is unique and is handmade in our workshop in Girona.
    • Finally, if you wish, we wrap it with beautiful fabrics and natural flowers to surprise your loved one from the first moment.



    Stellar Ring · Tourmaline



    White gold



    18 carat white gold gets its color from being a pure recycled gold alloy and at least a white metal, in our case palladium. Roosik & Co uses palladium to achieve a whiter result. It is solid gold. It is eternal. 
    76% Recycled pure gold / 10% Palladium / 9% Silver / 5% Copper


    Yellow gold



    The 18 carat yellow gold obtains its color by means of an alloy of pure recycled gold, copper and silver. Roosik & Co uses this alloy to achieve a balanced yellow color. It is solid gold. It is eternal.
    76% Recycled pure gold / 12% Silver / 12% Copper




    The most special of all gemstones. It is the gem with the best durability and the hardest material on Earth, in fact its name comes from the Greek "Adamas", which means invincible. Diamonds have very distinctive features: an almost white reflection and a captivating and very suggestive brilliance that you fall in love with. It is the brightest gem. It is the characteristic gem of April and is said to have the ability to bestow strength, longevity, beauty and happiness, characteristic of the gem it transmits to the wearer.

    Color: Colorless
    Associated month: April
    Moh's hardness: 10
    Ethical origin: USA / Brazil / Madagascar / Kenya / Pakistan…

    The Emerald is characterized by its particular intense green color, we can trace the origin of the word to the Greek "Smaragdos", which means "Green Gem". This powerful green color, as well as its brilliance, evoke nature better than any other gemstone, the emerald thus becomes the perfect gem for the month of May, the month of spring rebirth. Throughout history she has been credited with the ability to help see the truth — for example, of a lover’s oath — or to make the person who carries it more cunning and eloquent.


    Color: Green
    Associated month: May
    Moh's hardness: 7.5 to 8
    Ethical origin: Colombia / Brazil / Zambia / Afghanistan / Pakistan…

    Sapphire is one of the most important gems. Its rarity, hardness and, above all, its silky blue color, make this gem one of the most valuable and appreciated. Its iconic blue gives it its name: "Sappheiros", which referred to the lapis lazuli. However, sapphires of almost all colors can be found, grouped in the so-called "fantasy sapphires". It has a reflection of intense, changing and magical light, from blue to purple depending on the type of light. This blue evoked an image of the sky, it was a symbol of the soul itself and of what was expected of it: fidelity, nobility and sincerity.


    Color: All colors except red
    Associated month: September
    Moh's hardness: 9
    Ethical origin: Myanmar / Kashmir / Sri Lanka / Australia / Thailand / USA…



    Tourmalines are found in virtually every color in nature. One of the distinctive features of tourmaline is that the same stone can have different colors depending on the light under which you look, in fact its name comes from touramalli, which means "stone of mixed colors." Tourmaline is said to be able to transform negative energy into positive and improve self-confidence.


    Color: Colorless, pink, red, yellow, green, blue, violet, black and multicolored
    Associated month: October
    Moh's hardness: 7 to 7.5 
    Ethical origin: Brazil



    I don't know what size I need. How can I do that?

    Rest assured, you can follow these steps:

    1- Download our PDF and you can immediately check your ring size (and bracelet or pendants). It’s as easy as placing a ring on the sheet until it fits into one of the circles in the drawing.

    2- Do you still have doubts? Talk to us! We can guide you.

    If necessary, we will send you a RING for free like the ones we use in the store. Try which circle suits you best and tell us the number that is registered. Easy!

    And don't suffer in case you don't feel well, the size adjustments are free and are our responsibility.

    Can I order custom prints?

    Yes, we can ungrave what you want. Could be your name or the name of the person to give or the piece, a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary or birth, or a few words that complement your jewel. It will be unique.

    If you are one of our jewelry, it is a free service, whenever it is possible to make an engraving on the piece in question. Contact us and lets talk!

    What happens if a jewell is broken? There is maintenance service to Roosik & Co?

    To Roosik & Co we have a maintenance service, which you can access for all jewelry purchased in our store. The maintenance is performed every two years, being the first free service and you can apply through shop@roosik.com. The costs of shipping, if necessary, would run to your position.

    In any case, if you want to keep your jewels and gemstones of colors as the first day, the best thing you can do is to prevent. We encourage you to visit our blog section and "Care of jewelry".

    I'm not sure about the size. Are there any possibilities for a refund?

    Rest assured, no problem.

    You have 15 days to change or return your jewelry. Just fill it out this form, wrap and protect the piece well and return it in perfect condition. It is very easy.

    The money back will be made through the means of payment within 14 working days from the time we receive the package and check that everything is in good condition. We will refund the total amount of the jewel (except for shipping and return costs which are borne by you).

    Shipping policy

    Shipments within Spain

    All of the orders to Spain are free. The estimated time of delivery is between 1 and 2 business days if the jewel is in stock.

    Order tracking

    All shipments within the EU are free on orders over 300€. The delivery period is usually between 3 and 5 business days if the jewel is in stock. The VAT corresponding to your EU country will apply.

    For orders outside of the EU, we will contact you to specify the costs and period of estimated delivery. The VAT corresponding to your country will be applied and you will have to pay it when the piece arrives.

    The creative process

    It may be that at this time we do not have just the gem that you are looking for... don't worry!

    We are jewelers and we need a few days to make your jewel with love and care, it is unique. If the encarregues we will get on time and you will receive in a period of between 5 and 15 days depending on the type of jewel and the destination country.

    Jordi Rosich

    We are jewelers and gemologists who have been working in the trade for over 25 years. A jewel is much more than noble metals and precious stones; it’s art, it’s craft, it’s emotion. She is as unique as youit involves hours of dedication.

    the creative process


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